Pod Paragliding Harnesses

Harnesses with speedbag (leg faring) for ambitious cross country and competition pilots. Although generally less easy on the ground, and more prone to getting twists in extreme situations, it's generally agreed that pod harnesses help reduce drag and keep you warm. The speedbag can be included with the harness as standard or an optional extra.

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  • LIGHTNESS 3 comprehensive comfort in flight and handling

    Advance LIGHTNESS 3

    The new LIGHTNESS 3 offers comprehensive comfort both in flight and handling, and there’s even more protection. A new choice of standard or light speedbag results in a wider range of uses; there’s also the option of a windshield, which significantly raises flying comfort on long distance flights.

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  • Gin Genie Lite 3: the epitome of a modern XC harness

    Gin Genie Lite 3

    The Genie Lite 3 is the epitome of a modern XC harness – although compact, it does not compromise on essential qualities. It offers the ultimate combination of comfort, safety, stability and durability.

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  • SKYPPER 2 colour Greg Onyx | side view

    Supair SKYPPER 2

    SKYPPER 2 is a high-end paragliding pod harness for keen cross country paraglider pilots. It offers many of the features of full competition harnesses but with significantly less weight, bulk and cost. Designed for ambitious yet discerning XC pilots looking for high safety and excellent value for money, the SKYPPER 2 offers excellent handling and performance.

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