Reversible Paragliding Harnesses (Backpack)

Convertible paragliding harnesses-rucksacks (reversible paragliding harness and rucksack in one) for paragliding (PG), free flight, paramotoring, powered paragliding (PPG), FLPA (Foot Launched Powered Aircraft), speed flying, speed riding and others uses...

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  • Advance EASINESS 3 lightweight reversible paragliding mountain harness-rucksack

    Advance EASINESS 3

    Universally employable, twice as comfortable and useful. The EASINESS 3 light reversible mountain harness can take you on the most varied of adventures – thanks to its modular design concept – whether Hike & Fly, thermaling or travelling. The detachable airbag protector with integrated reserve container provides maximum safety, and many small but quality details round off this product.

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  • Fusion Yellow-Dark Shadow

    Advance PROGRESS 3

    Extremely comfortable all-in-one reversible paragliding harness-rucksack equipped with tried-and-tested removable air-foam hybrid protector, providing full protection from the very start of takeoff, and integrated under-seat reserve container.

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