Reversible Paragliding Harnesses (Backpack)

Convertible paragliding harnesses-rucksacks (reversible paragliding harness and rucksack in one) for paragliding (PG), free flight, paramotoring, powered paragliding (PPG), FLPA (Foot Launched Powered Aircraft), speed flying, speed riding and others uses...

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    The ALTIRANDO LITE is a light, comfortable, fully reversible harness. It was designed to live up to the expectations of hike&fly enthusiasts as well as pilots looking for a journey in the mountains. This harness is also suitable for local sites flying with minimal equipment. The ALTIRANDO LITE features all the characteristics of a harness with high passive safety, including a pre-inflated airbag.

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  • Woody Valley Wani 3 reversible paragliding harness-rucksack in harness mode in Blue-Orange colours

    Woody Valley Wani 3

    Wani 3. Improved, in all aspects. We took a winner harness and improved it in every detail still keeping it absolutely fun to fly!

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  • Blue and Orange | Woody Valley Wani Light 2

    Woody Valley Wani Light 2

    Wani Light 2 is a lightweight reversible paragliding harness-rucksack offering maximum ease of use, comfort and safety for hike & fly-pilots, made by Woody Valley.


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