Tandem Passenger Harnesses

Tandem paragliding passenger harnesses for tandem paraglider passengers, including adults and children / kids.
  • Gin Fuse Passenger

    Gin Fuse Passenger

    Like the matching Fuse pilot harness, the Fuse passenger was designed with both the professional and leisure tandem pilot in mind.

    The design concept of the Fuse passenger was safety, durability, comfort and convenience.

    The airbag volume is 20% increased compared to our previous tandem harness and has an additional front inlet to ensure optimum inflation in the widest possible range of flying conditions. In addition, a foam insert on the leading edge of the seat also assists inflation and offers additional protection in the event of a hard landing.

    A reinforced skid guard on the bottom of the airbag offers protection against wear and tear and can be easily removed and replaced if it becomes worn or damaged.

    The Fuse passenger harness fits together beautifully in flight with the matching Fuse pilot harness to create a stable and unified profile in the air.

    The harness comes in one size, but can be fully adjusted to accommodate a wide range of passenger sizes.

  • Gin Safari Passenger 2

    Gin Safari Passenger 2

    The Safari Passenger 2 is for both pro and leisure pilots who are looking for a harness that's lightweight, compact and easy to use.
  • Kortel K-Flex

    Kortel K-Flex

    Never have the right size harness for your tandem passenger? Are your paragliding students struggling in a harness that's too big or too small? K-Flex is THE solution!
  • Supair Kinder

    Supair Kinder

    Tandem passenger harness for kids of approx. 8 to 13 year old (approx. 115-160 cm).
  • Supair Loustic

    Supair Loustic

    Child's Paragliding Tandem Passenger Harness, suitable for 3 to 7* years of age.
  • Supair Minimax 2

    Supair Minimax 2

    Light, compact tandem passenger harness with airbag protection.
  • Supair Minimax Bump

    Supair Minimax Bump

    Robust tandem paragliding passenger harness for professional tandem pilots with seat-plate and foam protector.
  • Supair Vip Lite

    Supair Vip Lite

    Light Split-leg tandem passenger harness. Airbag dorsal protection. One size only. This harness is particularly adapted to work in perfect synch with the WALIBI LITE.
  • Supair Vip2

    Supair Vip2

    Light, compact split-leg tandem passenger harness with removable mini seatplate.
  • Woody Valley Passenger

    Woody Valley Passenger

    An uncomplicated harness for the passenger on tandem flights, equipped with airbag back protection, rear pocket for glider sack and side pockets made of elastic webbing, accessible by the tandem pilot in flight.