Freeflight Harnesses

Paragliding and speed flying harnesses from the top freeflight harness manufacturers.

For all levels of paraglider and speed flyer pilot, and all freeflying disciplines. From first harnesses for new pilots to competition harnesses for experts. From "standard" upright, open paragliding harnesses, aimed at recreational pilots, to "pod" harnesses with "speedbag" leg cover, more aimed at "cross country" (XC) flying. From more durable standard-weight to light- and ultralight- weight harnesses. Reversible harnesses (harness-&-rucksack-in-one), for those who want an integrated rucksack to save space and weight. Mountain paragliding harnesses, for hike & fly. Acro paragliding harnesses, for freestyle and aerobatic flying. Tandem paragliding harnesses, for dual pilot and passenger, including kids harnesses. Speed flying harnesses, for speedflying and speedriding.

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  • Woody Valley Wani 3 reversible paragliding harness-rucksack in harness mode in Blue-Orange colours

    Woody Valley Wani 3

    Wani 3 reversible paragliding harness-rucksack with self-inflating spring airbag system protection and integrated reserve parachute container.

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  • Blue and Orange | Woody Valley Wani Light 2

    Woody Valley Wani light 2

    Wani light 2 is a lightweight reversible paragliding harness-rucksack offering maximum ease of use, comfort and safety for hike & fly-pilots, made by Woody Valley.

    Live stock status. See our Shipping and Stock page for more details. 2 in stock