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All second hand paragliding (PG) and paramotoring / powered paragliding (PPG) equipment including paragliders, paramotor wings, harnesses, emergency reserve parachutes (reserves) , helmets, instruments and electronics (including altimeters, variometers (Varios), global positioning systems (GPS), and Alti-Vario-GPS'), merchandise, radios, bags and rucksacks etc, books, air charts, maps, software, DVDs, hardware and connectors, spares and accessories...

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  • Gradient Bright 5 Images for illustrative purposes only.

    Gradient Bright 5 26 (75-100kg) 1hrs - Second Hand (61811144) CBS

    Nearly new condition. As new porosity. Nearly new Gradient Bright 5, it was ground handled briefly and then flown once. Airtime 1 hour. Some lines on the paraglider were cut. The glider has been fully repaired by Aerofix and serviced. See service report (see images) for further details on condition and any repairs. Images for illustration purposes only.

    • Make: Gradient
    • Model: Bright 5
    • Size: 26
    • Serial number: G38261811144
    • Colour: Gold
    • Airtime: 1 hours
    • Certification: EN A,LTF A
    • Freeflight all-up weight range: 75-100 Kg
    • Manufacture date: 01/11/2018
    • Purchase date: 01/04/2019
    • Service Info: AeroFix on 01/11/2019
    • Package includes: Rucksack, Compression strap, Service report (see images), Line measurement report, Download manual from manufacturer's website.
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  • Kortel Kuik II size M with Kocon Module

    Kortel Kuik II size M with Kocon Module - Second Hand (5049KUM5)

    Good condition. Kortel Kuik II size M with Kocon Module. The full pod harness version of the Kuik II. The modular system allows you to remove the pod if you want a lighter harness for hike and fly or the beach. Also has separate Kortel front Reserve container with bridles and Foot stirrup for using the Kuik II without the Kocon module. Harness in very good structural condition, no damage. Lettering/decals are pulling off the rear area. Minor dust marking.

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