Second Hand Paragliding Harnesses

Second hand paragliding harnesses for all kinds and levels of paraglider pilot, including (depending on current stock) entry level first-buy harnesses, cross country harnesses, competition harnesses, standard sit-up harnesses, supine pod harnesses (with speedbag for legs), acro harnesses (for aerobatics), lightweight mountain harnesses (for hike & fly), reversible harnesses (harness and rucksack in one), tandem pilot and passenger harnesses, and kids harnesses.

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  • Independence Emotion+ S - Second Hand (05211)

    Independence Emotion+ S - Second Hand (05211)

    Good condition. The included karabiners are AustriAlpin Powerfly stainless steel. The stiffening sheet in the bottom has a marked crease in it, deforming the bottom of the harness, a very common thing in this style of harness. See images.

    • Make: Independence
    • Model: Emotion+
    • Size: S
    • Serial number: 05211
    • Colour: Black-Grey-Orange
    • Manufacture date: 01/06/2013
    • Reserve container: Under-seat mount, Right mount
    • Protection type: Airbag (airflow)
    • Package includes: Back protection, Karabiners, Reserve container (integrated), Reserve handle, Reserve bridles, Speed System, Rucksack.
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