Second Hand Paramotoring

Second hand equipment for paramotoring / powered paragliding (PPG) including (depending on current stock) altimeters, variometers, global positioning systems (GPS), bridle knives, hook knives, foot stirrups, hardware and connectors, paramotoring instrument mounts, paramotoring harnesses, paramotoring headsets and accessories, paramotoring helmet accessories, paramotoring helmets, paramotoring reserve containers, paramotoring reserves, paramotoring stuff sacks and quick pack bags, paramotoring wings, and paramotor risers...

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  • Mac Para Muse 4 26 (75-95kg) 2hrs - Second Hand (14262662)

    Mac Para Muse 4 26 (75-95kg) 2hrs - Second Hand (14262662)

    Very good condition. Very good porosity. Glider purchased for a new pilot to learn on, ground handled only, hence marked down for cleanliness. Very good condition. Very good porosity. Fitted with standard freeflight risers. Could be 'upgraded' to the 'Muse 4 Hybrid' by purchasing and fitting the Muse 4 Hybrid Risers; the powered all-up weight range for the 'Muse 4 Hybrid' size 26 is 100-127 kg. See service report (see images) for further details on condition and any repairs. Images for Illustration purposes only.

    Used £1,600.00 New £2,500.00

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