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  • Advance OMEGA XALPS 2

    Advance OMEGA XALPS 2

    OMEGA XALPS 2 in stock — on sale!

    We have brand new OMEGA XALPS 2 in sizes 23 (80-97 kg) and 24 (90-110 kg) in stock, now on sale!

    We've completed their pro-dealer glider checks, so they're ready to fly.

    Interested? Contact us or order through our site and we'll be in touch.

    Intended as a Light Racer for the X-Alps 2017, and developed as a High-End cross country wing: the OMEGA XALPS 2 benefits from extensive SIGMA 10 development and the knowledge won from the OMEGA XALPS, in equal measure. This Light Racer not only shows very high directional and pitch stability in lively air, but has an exceptionally effective and easy-to-push gas pedal. And one should not discount sensational weights from just 3.3 kg!

    Now £3,399.00 Was £4,599.00

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