Acro Paragliders

Paragliding wings specially designed for Acro and freestyle pilots who want to perform acrobatic and aerobatic manoeuvres like Wing Overs, Asymmetric Spirals, SATs, Rhythmic SATs, Dynamic SATs, Dynamic Full Stalls, MC Twists, Coconuts, Tail-slides, Twisters, Helicos (Helicopters), SAT-to-Helis, Heli-to-SATs, Tumbling and Infinity Tumbling - the choice it YOURS!

  • Advance OMIKRON

    Advance OMIKRON

    OMIKRON - Precise dynamics

    Do you know how to do acro? We do! The OMIKRON combines high level, balanced dynamics with uncomplicated handling, and was developed by accomplished acro pilots (e.g. Christian Proschek and Michael Maurer) for acrobats and professionals. The OMIKRON has plenty of steam if you ask for it, but excess energy can always be effectively reined in with the brakes.

  • Gin Rage

    Gin Rage

    The Rage is designed for advanced acro pilots wishing to perform helicopters, infinity tumblings, Rhythmic and McTwists with the maximum amount of power, control and stability. The Rage gives an incomparable feeling of power through the brake handles. It reacts very precisely to brake inputs and recovers easily from stalls and spins. This improves the safety and easiness of heli-connections, giving an overall feeling of efficiency.
  • Niviuk F-Gravity 2

    Niviuk F-Gravity 2

    F-Gravity 2, the new freestyle offering from Niviuk, the glider where every manoeuvre or trick is possible offering the pilot challenges big or small. It’s designed to undertake all the acro manoeuvres in line with your level.
  • Niviuk N-Gravity 4

    Niviuk N-Gravity 4

    N-Gravity 4: Show must go on!

    There’s something better than a dynamic and powerful glider: a dynamic, powerful and highly manoeuvrable glider. Live the show with a wing designed only to fulfil the wishes of those who have acro pumping through their veins.

  • Ozone Octane 2

    Ozone Octane 2

    OCTANE 2: Freestyle/Acro

    In the tradition of the original Octane, which redefined handling in the paragliding world, The Octane 2 is dedicated to freestyle play and acro flying. For 2013, the Octane FLX model has been upgraded to the Octane 2, which features a new material spec and colour schemes. The Octane 2 is a Freestyle Class wing, certified EN C in two sizes.

  • Ozone Trickster 2

    Ozone Trickster 2

    Competition Acro Wing. Building on the success of the original Trickster, the latest wing in the series features a few key improvements that have made this wing the favorite glider of Ozone Team Pilots, Felix Rodriguez and Pal Takats.