Acro Paragliders

Paragliding wings specially designed for Acro and freestyle pilots who want to perform acrobatic and aerobatic manoeuvres like Wing Overs, Asymmetric Spirals, SATs, Rhythmic SATs, Dynamic SATs, Dynamic Full Stalls, MC Twists, Coconuts, Tail-slides, Twisters, Helicos (Helicopters), SAT-to-Helis, Heli-to-SATs, Tumbling and Infinity Tumbling - the choice it YOURS!

  • Niviuk E-Gravity colour Mars | photo courtesy of Tex Bec

    Niviuk E-Gravity

    Discover and let yourself be carried away by your passion for acro and freestyle. In a world of unlimited possibilities, with the new E-Gravity control will always be in your hands. Unleash your creativity and get ready for new challenges.

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