Advanced Paragliders

Advanced wings are made for advanced pilots: wings with very high aspect ratio for maximum glide angle, usually challenging to launch, with narrow tips that bring a real risk of cravattes during collapses. Unless flown actively and intelligently by advanced pilots they perform similarly to the lower classes, with less passive stability. Usually rated EN D but might include a hot EN C.

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  • Advance OMEGA XALPS 2

    Advance OMEGA XALPS 2

    OMEGA XALPS 2 – Ready to Race

    Intended as a Light Racer for the X-Alps 2017, and developed as a High-End cross country wing: the OMEGA XALPS 2 benefits from extensive SIGMA 10 development and the knowledge won from the OMEGA XALPS, in equal measure. This Light Racer not only shows very high directional and pitch stability in lively air, but has an exceptionally effective and easy-to-push gas pedal. And one should not discount sensational weights from just 3.3 kg!

  • Gin GTO 2

    Gin GTO 2

    The GTO 2 is a high performance wing, suitable for a wide range of experienced XC pilots—from improving, ambitious pilots transitioning from sports class, to competition pilots who wish to fly a more compact wing within a wider comfort zone. The GTO 2 slots into our range between the Carrera (performance) and Boomerang 10 (competition).
  • Niviuk Klimber P

    Niviuk Klimber P


    The result of our obsession to create the perfect balance between super-lightness and unrelenting performance.

    P-Series | EN/LTF D

  • Niviuk Peak 4

    Niviuk Peak 4

    Peak 4 - Spirit of Cross Country

    PEAK 4, Performance, comfort and efficiency. A true XC glider to devour kilometers, and feel your emotions run high.

    Read our review and watch the video of the PEAK 4

  • Ozone Mantra M6

    Ozone Mantra M6

    The M6 is the ultimate 3-liner. Our newest high-end Performance/Competition XC glider is not only one of the most advanced wings we've ever designed, but also one of the most balanced and compact performance gliders we've ever flown.
  • Ozone Zeno

    Ozone Zeno

    The Zeno represents the cutting edge of OZONE paraglider R&D. This highly advanced design bridges the gap between the Enzo and Mantra series, providing an option for expert pilots who are ready to move up from the Mantra M6 and other wings in its class.

  • Skywalk POISON X-ALPS

    Skywalk POISON X-ALPS

    For highest standards.

    Push limits. Increase performance. Achieve perfection.

    There is probably no better proving ground for a high performance wing than the Red Bull X-Alps. This was impressively proved by our team pilots Paul Guschlbauer, Stephan Gruber and Ivan Colas. A glider, flown by 3 different high class pilots, that withstands the world’s toughest adventure race over a 1000 kilometer route across the Alps has just the right qualities that performance-oriented XC pilots are looking for.

    The POISON X-ALPS is the consequential further development of the X-ALPS2, which was produced in a small series with CCC homologation. Slight changes to trim have increased its performance and responsiveness. More robust top sail material, optimized lines and more clearly laid out risers make the POISON X-ALPS the ideal XC wing for top-pilots.

  • Supair WILD

    Supair WILD

    The WILD is a high level competition glider for Hike & Fly and Cross-Country flying. It is a demanding wing requiring strong piloting skills from expert pilots.