Competition Paragliders

Competition Class is what you buy when you are regularly coming into goal in international competitions and you now want to win. The new CCC wings and the old high-end two-lined EN Ds like the Icepeak 6 would go in here.

  • Gin Boomerang 11

    Gin Boomerang 11

    The Boomerang 11 combines many incremental improvements made over 2 seasons of development to deliver one huge benefit: more performance.
  • Niviuk Icepeak 8

    Niviuk Icepeak 8

    ICEPEAK 8, The new Icepeak 8 has evolved to perform more and demand less. It is a faster, more dynamic and more competitive glider. In other words: it is an overall better product.
  • Ozone Enzo 3

    Ozone Enzo 3

    The Ozone Enzo 3 is ready, with improved performance, more glide, more speed and greater solidity than the Enzo 2.
  • Ozone Mantra R12

    Ozone Mantra R12

    After another year of careful research, evaluation, and competition, we are pleased to launch what we think to be a very worthy successor to the R11.