First Paragliders - High Safety

First Buy paragliders with the greatest emphasis on highest levels of safety, rather than performance.

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  • Nova Ibex 4

    Nova Ibex 4

    Light, high performance, fast, uncomplicated, safe and just pure fun: the IBEX 4 is a versatile, super-lightweight paraglider (from 3.0 kg) with a multitude of uses and an extraordinarily wide weight-range. It is suitable for hike & fly, travelling, recreational flying, mountaineering, flying under instruction and strong-wind soaring.

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    Ozone Element 3

    Element 3 is built on nineteen years of continuous development. Designed specifically for schools and beginner pilots, it is an incredibly easy and forgiving wing ideal for all levels of student training, from first flights to soaring, thermalling, and beyond.

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