Lightweight Paragliders

Lightweight solo paragliders. From first paragliders, suitable for beginners and new pilots, up to high performance paragliders for highly-experienced and expert pilots and competitions. From paragliders designed more for soaring and thermaling to mountain paragliders, more aimed at hike-and-fly adventures.

To simplify the choices, we've not included tandem or single surface paragliders, mini wings, speed wings or paramotor wings in this category. Lightweight gliders are usually more compact but also less durable than standard weight wings.

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  • Niviuk Klimber 2 P

    Niviuk Klimber 2 P

    Klimber 2 P, the second generation of the Klimber P was created to offer a balance between low weight and high performance. A powerful two-liner to go further in hike & fly and cross-country. Naturally competitive, it was designed for the X-Alps.

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