Paramotoring Wings

A selection of top powered paragliders and paramotoring wings for powered paragliding (PPG) from the best manufacturers.
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  • Advance ALPHA 6 Motor

    Advance ALPHA 6 Motor

    Because of its good takeoff qualities, high stability, damped behaviour and compactness the ALPHA 6 is ideally suitable for paramotoring. Hybrid-Risers, which can also be used for flight without the motor, are recommended.

    Read Flybubble's review of the Alpha 6

    Size 28 in stock!

    Due to change of customer circumstances we have in stock a brand new ALPHA 6 in size 28 colour Lime in stock with Hybrid-Risers on - ready to go! 

  • Advance EPSILON 8 Motor

    Advance EPSILON 8 Motor

    Because of its good takeoff qualities, high stability, damped behaviour and compactness the EPSILON 8 is ideally suitable for paramotoring. Hybrid-Risers, which can also be used for flight without the motor, are recommended.

    Read our review and see our video of the Advance EPSILON 8

  • Gin Falcon

    Gin Falcon

    Speed and efficiency without compromise

    The Falcon is a state-of-the-art reflex paramotor wing for intermediate to advanced pilots. The wing is fast, stable, agile and fuel-efficient—ideal for fun flying, cross-country, bivouac and competition.

  • Gin Pegasus

    Gin Pegasus

    Engineered to take you far

    A perfect choice for your first paramotor wing, the Pegasus is engineered to optimise safety, comfort and handling, while offering the versatility to take you far.

    The Pegasus is the first pure GIN wing designed specifically for paramotoring, the result of a unique collaboration. In developing the Pegasus, GIN teamed up with both pilot Laurent Salinas and Fresh Breeze engines. The result is a wing that can give you the best possible start to your paramotoring career, whether you choose footlaunch, trike or even free-flight.

  • Gin Gliders Vantage - Mojito

    Gin Vantage

    The Vantage is the new intermediate paramotor wing from GIN, created for pilots looking for good performance and handling with the ease-of-use and security of a classic EN B paragliding wing.
  • Niviuk Dobermann 2

    Niviuk Dobermann 2

    Dobermann 2: Get set, GO!

    Speed, efficiency and security in PPG. Discover the new Dobermann 2 and master the challenge of races, slalom courses and aerobatics.

  • Niviuk Kougar 2

    Niviuk Kougar 2

    Kougar 2 | Paramotor Innovation at it's Best

    Flying long distances, discover new destinations or just enjoying your time in the air. If you are a paramotor enthusiast you will find in the Kougar 2, a glider specially outfitted to move everywhere freely.

  • Niviuk Link

    Niviuk Link

    The all new LINK from Niviuk is the pilots first choice for powered flight. The ease of take off, the total control and the highest level of security together bring to the pilot a new level of relaxed powered flight.
  • Niviuk R-Bus

    Niviuk R-Bus

    R-Bus: The great traveller

    The best part of an adventure is to share it. This is the first Niviuk tandem paramotor wing for all types of trikes and foot-launched dual PPGs.

  • Nova Ion 5

    Nova Ion 5

    The ION 5 is a high performance, light and safe wing, with impressive handling.
  • Nova Speedmax 2

    Nova Speedmax 2

    The paramotor wing with Soft-Reflex

    SPEEDMAX 2 - Pure Powered Performance

    Impressive performance, a high level of stability, balanced handling: the SPEEDMAX 2 is aimed at pilots who are looking for an efficient paramotor wing that is fun to fly. The wing combines high speed with easy launch characteristics and forgiving flight behaviour. 

    Certification: DGAC

  • Ozone Freeride

    Ozone Freeride

    Whether you are focused on competitive slalom flying, classic competition, or just carving aggressive lines, the FREERIDE is a fun and efficient high performance wing that delivers the goods.
  • Ozone Kona

    Ozone Kona


    Based on the Buzz Z5, the Kona is a versatile wing that excels in both free and powered flight. Suitable for a wide range of pilots from talented beginners to the more experienced, it is certified EN B in all sizes and is the ideal choice for those who want a one-wing solution for both free flying and paramotoring.

  • Ozone Magmax

    Ozone Magmax

    Based on the now famous Magnum series, the MagMax is specifically adapted to powered flight. It offers the same high levels of performance, handling, and ease of use that has made the Magnum series the world’s bestselling tandem wing, but with special features specific to powered flight.
  • Ozone Mojo PWR

    Ozone Mojo PWR


    Based on the Mojo 5, the Mojo PWR is a versatile wing for both free flying and powered flight. Certified EN A, it is suitable for students in training but ideal for the newly qualified.

  • Ozone Roadster 2

    Ozone Roadster 2

    The Roadster 2 is a fully reflexed paramotor glider. First and foremost it is a fun, safe wing that is forgiving to fly. It is a dependable platform that is ideal for everyday flying and a broad range of pilots, from experienced to beginners.
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