Speed Wings

Speedflying is flying FAST downhill. The concept has evolved from speedriding, the fast mountain descent under a speedglider launched on skis. Speedgliders are not simply scaled-down, mini-paragliders.

Speedflying Safety Information from Gin Gliders: Speedflying is opening new horizons of piloting for expert and careful pilots with a lot of flying experience. Speedgliders - launched on foot - designed for highly experienced and responsible pilots that have enough knowledge to adapt to the speedglider´s dynamic handling. The higher wing loading increases the speed and the responsiveness of the handling. The glide angles are much lower than with modern paragliders. The landing approach and landing itself are considerably different. Speedgliders are not recommended for busy flying sites and training in a professional paragliding school is strongly recommended. Regular practice on the ground is very useful. Take special care when deciding when and where to fly, and respect other flyers and flying machines.

  • Gin Bobcat

    Gin Bobcat

    Speedflying, a new flying concept... For the past few years, GIN Gliders has been the leading innovator in speedriding. Now comes the first GIN Gliders speedglider launchable by foot: the Bobcat; made for speedflying! Speedflying is flying fast downhill. The concept has evolved from speedriding, the fast mountain descent under a speedglider launched on skis. Speedgliders are not just scaled-down, mini-paragliders…

  • Gin Fluid 2

    Gin Fluid 2

    Fluid 2: now with increased range

    The Fluid 2 is a high performance wing for expert and competition Speedriders and Speedflyers.

  • Gin Nano 2012

    Gin Nano 2012

    The NANO 2012 follows your ride gently, damps the air movements and the terrain, and it gives you the feedback that makes it easy to pilot. It has a wide speed range, and is able to be flown more slowly than its predecessor.

  • Gin Yak

    Gin Yak

    The Yak is a very popular ultra-light speedflying glider, the ultimate toy for mountain lovers - an outrageous amount of pure fun packed into a tiny package of just over 2 kilos! Gin Gliders have produced this ultralight speedwing drawing on all their knowledge and experience of light weight paragliding.

  • Hardos (Orange-Black) | Niviuk Roller

    Niviuk Roller


    Speed, precision and agility all in one versatile and remarkably multi-functional wing.

    Mini Wing | EN 926-1

    Read Flybubble's review and video of the Niviuk Roller

  • Niviuk Skate 2 (non standard colours)

    Niviuk Skate 2

    The Skate 2 is the result of evolution, enhanced by the numerous studies of prototypes. With a new design and enhanced safety it is perfect for speed riding professionals and schools alike.
  • Nova SuSi Q

    Nova SuSi Q

    "SuSi Q" stands for "SuSi Quick", which is what we call the small and lightweight version of SuSi.
  • Ozone Fazer 3

    Ozone Fazer 3

    The mission of the Fazer series is to offer the most versatile speed wing possible with performance and ease of use for both foot launch and ski launch flying.

  • Ozone Firefly 3

    Ozone Firefly 3

    The Firefly 3 builds on the legacy of the Firefly series, which was founded on a simple principle: A high performance profile in an extremely stable speed wing planform.
  • Ozone LiteSpeed

    Ozone LiteSpeed

    The LiteSpeed is a highly versatile, lightweight mini-wing that features the latest in Shark Nose Technology and Ultralite construction. Based on the Zero, its modern design incorporates the same technology that powers our highest performance XC and competition wings, packaged into a user-friendly intermediate mini-wing.
  • Ozone Rapido

    Ozone Rapido

    The Rapido is a new design for pilots who are pushing the limits of steep carving flights, low barrel rolls, and long swoops. With a slightly higher aspect ratio and a more dynamic and agile character than the Fazer series, the Rapido is designed specifically for experienced speed flying pilots.
  • Ozone Zero 2

    Ozone Zero 2


    The ZERO has gained a reputation for agile handling in a highly efficient platform, and the new ZERO 2 improves upon every aspect of the wing. With the patented OZONE SharkNose leading edge, a new arc inspired by the OZONE performance-project and significantly improved handling and overall performance, the ZERO 2 offers more without compromising stability and comfort.

    MINI WING | EN 926-1

  • Skywalk TONIC

    Skywalk TONIC

    The X-wing Tonic is the essential companion, whether when flying at your local mountain, for a hike & fly, on vacation or as your second wing. Because the likelihood of getting into the air just increased X-fold - for every pilot.
  • Skywalk TONKA2

    Skywalk TONKA2

    Small. Lightweight. Fast.

    Made for Alpine adventurers.

    The TONKA2 is a miniwing, that opens up new horizons. With a projected area of just 11.8 m², it's the smallest paraglider on the market with LTF/EN-certification. Based on the design of our lightweight MASALA2 gilder, the TONKA2 weighs just 2.1 kg, is extremely small to pack and is easy to launch. That makes it the perfect tool for ambitious para-alpinists and Hike&Fly-pilots with adventurous plans. Thanks to its high wing loading, the wing reacts quickly and dynamically to every control input. For experienced pilots this means pure flying fun!

    The TONKA2 is extremely fast, yet it glides exceptionally well despite its small size – making it THE favorite glider for speed competitions like the Red Bull Dolomitenmann!