Sports Paragliders

Sports Class wings are focused on performance. The lines are reduced, the aspect ratio is usually high, it's all about XC flying, long glides, glide at speed, low drag. It's probably where true performance is found for most experienced pilots, this is a sweet spot where handling is still great for thermaling, the wings are resilient in really bad turbulence and glides on half-bar are almost as good as anything in the sky. Usually rated EN C but could include hot and high performing EN Bs.

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  • Advance SIGMA 10

    Advance SIGMA 10

    SIGMA 10 continues the story of the legendary SIGMA series, offering the best starting point for epic cross country experiences.

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    Advance SIGMA 10 29 (105-128kg) Pacific - Brand New, On Sale (75674)

    We have a brand new (old stock) Advance SIGMA 10 size 29 (105-128 kg) colour Pacific in stock, now on sale! Includes full package and manufacturer's warranty and service life. Final product checks have been completed so it's ready to buy and fly.

    • Make: Advance
    • Model: SIGMA 10
    • Certification: EN C
    • Size: 29
    • Certified All-Up Weight Range: 105-128 kg
    • Ideal All-Up Weight Range: 110-125 kg
    • Colour: Pacific
    • Condition: Brand New
    • Hours of Use: 0
    • Manufactured: 05/2018
    • Package: Rucksack, Inner bag, Compression strap, Spare repair patches.

    Stored in a climate-controlled storeroom.

    Download manual from the manufacturer's website.

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  • Advance SIGMA 11

    Advance SIGMA 11

    Once again the SIGMA 11 is up there amongst the highest performing C class wings. The new cross country sportster shows exceptional handling precision in flight and a high level of pitching stability.
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