Tandem Paragliders

Tandem paragliding wings designed for tandem paraglider flights. They are not recommended as first buy paragliders.

  • Red

    Advance BIBETA 6

    BIBETA 6 - More fun at work

    Flying should be fun. If you make ten flights a day as a professional tandem pilot - where efficiency, economy and passenger safety share priority – flying is often hard work. In the BIBETA 6 we have managed to achieve the difficult objective of packing the best of current tandems into one product – with no compromise: fun all round - all day.

  • Advance PI BI

    Advance PI BI

    This lightweight tandem is particularly suitable for Hike and Fly with friends and family. It comes in one size, 37, has an all-up weight range of 100 to 180 kg and weighs only 4.9 kg.
  • Gin Fuse

    Gin Fuse

    The Fuse is a tandem paraglider for professionals who demand only the best for their passengers—and for themselves!

    The Fuse contains the same EPT (Equalized Pressure Technology) that’s at the heart of our XC wing, the Carrera. EPT means a better launch, a better landing and a better flight all-round! The Fuse is both reliable and efficient for commercial use, yet makes no compromises when flown for pure pleasure.

    Gin originally released the Fuse in one size, 41. Later they added size 37. Order the colour you want from the options and let us know which size you want.

  • Gin Osprey

    Gin Osprey

    The Osprey is a small tandem for pilots who fly with light passengers, and / or in stronger winds.
  • Gin Yeti Tandem

    Gin Yeti Tandem

    Solo glider weight, solo glider flight, tandem glider fun!

    For the new Yeti tandem, we designed and engineered every millimetre of the canopy for maximum lightweight performance. From the choice of materials, internal construction techniques, production methods – every aspect has been optimized. The new Yeti tandem weighs just 5.6kg compared to the 7.2kg of its predecessor.

  • Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P

    Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P


    Witness the birth of the first single-surface, lightweight (3.3kg) certified tandem wing. Enjoy and share your hike & fly and vol-biv adventures under the same wing.

    P-Series | EN/LTF B

  • Niviuk Takoo 3

    Niviuk Takoo 3

    The Takoo 3 meets the demands of all tandem pilots, giving the pilot total serenity in flight without losing the feeling of freedom.

  • Niviuk Takoo 4

    Niviuk Takoo 4

    The ultimate tandem experience. The Takoo 4 meets the most stringent demands of tandem pilots and is one step above the rest thanks to greater performance in all aspects of the flight.
  • Nova Bion 2

    Nova Bion 2

    BION 2 - flexibility and comfort

    Share the most beautiful moments (EN/LTF B)

    Like its predecessor, the BION 2 excites professional tandem pilots as well as enthusiastic recreational pilots who want to share their most beautiful moments. Take off, enjoy, land safely: the BION 2 is a reliable partner which takes its responsibility seriously. With maximum performance, it will never let you or your passenger down.

  • Ozone Mag2Lite

    Ozone Mag2Lite

    The Mag2Lite is our answer for tandem pilots who want to cut a bit of weight off of their system without greatly compromising its longevity. Together with the new light spreader bars, the Mag2Lite comes in at 1.7kg less than the normal Magnum II with standard hard spreaders.
  • Ozone Magnum II

    Ozone Magnum II

    The Magnum series has been used by more professional tandem pilots around the world over the past 5 years than any other wing. We are proud of the Magnum's legacy and it has been a very difficult job to improve upon the original design. Our goals were to maintain the best characteristics of the original Magnum while making it even easier to fly.
  • Ozone SwiftMAX

    Ozone SwiftMAX


    The Swift Max is designed for experienced tandem pilots who seek a light-weight high-performance XC machine for personal tandem adventures. The Swift Max is a new concept for OZONE and is very different to our Magnum series which is designed to satisfy the needs of a commercial tandem operation.

  • Skywalk JOIN'T3

    Skywalk JOIN'T3

    The new JOIN'T3 is equipped with a considerably expanded weight range of 100kg - 225kg (over two sizes). Thanks to the very low canopy weight, the glider climbs effortlessly, providing a relaxing experience for pilot and passenger. Still, there are robust materials implemented in discrete places, guaranteeing a long product life.
  • Sup'Air SORA | Colour Earth (Blue-Green >> code 01)

    Supair SORA

    Designed by professionals for professionals, our new SORA is the perfect tool to take tandem passengers up all day over a whole season.

    Sup'Air SORA - the price is for wing only, rucksack and spreader bars are sold separately.