XC Paragliders

XC Class focuses on handling, security and flying enjoyment. They usually have an EN B rating, and are mostly the 'high-B' wings, which have sharper turns and require some active piloting to keep control. Collapse recovery is low-energy but expect more sporty handling and performance. 'High-B' wings are not recommended for new or low airtime pilots.

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  • Advance IOTA

    Advance IOTA

    IOTA - Easy Performance

    ADVANCE launches the new IOTA Series, a High-Level EN B glider for ambitious cross-country pilots. Featuring an optimized, low-weight design, the XC-Intermediate IOTA represents the most accommodating balance between performance and piloting ease within the entire ADVANCE product range. The high performance capabilities of the IOTA open the door to the world of long cross-country flights.

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  • Gin Explorer

    Gin Explorer

    The Explorer is a lightweight sports performance wing aimed at seasoned XC pilots who want to fly a wing that’s comfortable, responsive and performant.

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  • Gin Sprint 3

    Gin Sprint 3

    The classic intermediate paraglider, re-engineered

    If you're a leisure, club or cross-country pilot, the Sprint 3's carefully calibrated blend of handling, comfort, stability and performance will ensure you get the very best out of your flying. The Sprint 3 weighs only 4.5kg (M), yet features durable fabric and fully sheathed main and mid lines.

    Flybubbe have Sprint 3 demos available. Contact us to find out more about the Sprint 3, arrange a test flight and order yours!

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  • Niviuk Ikuma

    Niviuk Ikuma


    IKUMA, We are proud to introduce the Ikuma, a new easy performance glider able to carry you out through the best XC routes with the best performance-safety ratio.

    Easy performance

    The right glider for the right reasons. Able to adapt to all conditions with minimum risk. Perfect balance between ambition and passion with a safe and pleasant glider to fly with.

    Back Country

    With the Ikuma no one can stop you to fly the skies at will, and discover new feelings along the way. Immerse yourself into new adventures full of intense emotions in each flight while following the most remote routes.


    Developed with passion to face new challenges. The Ikuma draws attention and defines new standards in its arena with outstanding performing abilities. Powerful and agile, with an incomparable efficiency, it brings a comfort level typical of the brand's reputation. Direct to the goals with safety, and without shortcuts.


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  • Nova Mentor 5

    Nova Mentor 5

    The benchmark of cross-country wings (EN/LTF B)

    MENTOR 5 – Flying beyond boundaries

    More performance, precise handling and a reassuring feeling in the air: the MENTOR 5 is the logical progression of the master of its class. Its high performance is more accessible and usable for progressing pilots. The MENTOR 5 exceeds boundaries.


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  • Nova Phantom

    Nova Phantom

    PHANTOM – a new era in paragliding

    Top-end performance with low-end B pilot demand (EN/LTF B)

    The PHANTOM offers the safety of a basic intermediate with the performance of a top-end wing. This has been made possible through probably the most complex construction ever used in a serial-production wing.

    Nova: "The production of the PHANTOM is extremely difficult and producing one PHANTOM takes as much time as producing 3 ION4. At the beginning, we will face delivery times of 3 months and more. However, we are confident, that we can scale up the production of the PHANTOM and achieve acceptable delivery times later this year."


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  • Ozone Rush 4

    Ozone Rush 4

    Ozone: "It’s the Delta 2’s little brother! We are extremely excited about this wing, and think that it represents as much of a leap forward in performance designs as the Delta 2 has proven to be." "The Rush 4 is now in production and will be available for demo from your local Ozone dealer. We look forward to hearing what you think of this exciting new wing!"

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  • Skywalk CHILI4

    Skywalk CHILI4

    Good thing. Made. Better.

    A class apart.

    Our CHILIs are a class for themselves. The name CHILI has long since been symbol for the optimal synthesis between high performance and balance flying characteristics in the EN-B class. That’s why designing a new CHILI is probably the greatest challenge for our R&D team. The goal is to do more than just set a new milestone in the EN-B class. Our aim is to provide CHILI pilots with a glider that makes them feel like they have chosen the product with the highest comfort factor on the market.


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