XC Paragliders

XC Class focuses on handling, security and flying enjoyment. They usually have an EN B rating, and are mostly the 'high-B' wings, which have sharper turns and require some active piloting to keep control. Collapse recovery is low-energy but expect more sporty handling and performance. 'High-B' wings are not recommended for new or low airtime pilots.

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  • Advance IOTA 2

    Advance IOTA 2

    With the IOTA 3 due out in 2021, we have the last couple of IOTA 2 size 27 in stock, now available to buy at a very special price!

    IOTA 2, offering you all of the most important ingredients for your cross country dreams: efficient performance and relaxed piloting in all conditions. The latest technology gives the wing an outstanding polar curve for its class.

    Now £2,999.00 Was £3,699.00

    Live stock status. See our Shipping and Stock page for more details. 1 in stock