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Status: Past model

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The Poison 2 is the latest Serial Class High Performance paragliding wing from Skywalk.


Poison 2

Serial Class
High Performance


The Poison 2 is the latest Serial Class High Performance paragliding wing from Skywalk.

Here is some info about the Skywalk Poison 2 from the manufacturer...

Poison 2: Right out of another world.

High performance gliders don't turn out to be profitable for most paraglider manufacturers. They represent the tip of the iceberg of what is currently technologically achievable.

This applies especially to our new flagship, the POISON 2.

The use of a new metallised, high-tech cloth which utilizes aluminum on a nano-scale has been recently developed together with the Firm Aeroix.

This new cloth has made it possible to achieve an enormous reduction in weight, resulting in a clearly positively influence on extreme flight behavior.

Less mass in motion, increased safety reserve. We've exhausted the design parameters, and the pilot truly benefits through radically better performance.

All of this with very good durability against aging, thanks to the almost 100% UV reflection. A "Shining" debut, in every sense of the word..

And to return to the beginning: With this new cloth we have begun a new era in materials development.

The POISON 2 will write its own history...

Skywalk Poison 2 > Certification

The Skywalk Poison 2 is certified LTF/DHV 2-3 in all four sizes.

See LTF/DHV test reports for the Skywalk Poison 2:

Skywalk Poison 2 > Sizes & Weight Ranges

Here below are the sizes and weight ranges for the Skywalk Poison 2...

Size All-Up Weight Range
Poison 2 XS 70-90 Kg
Poison 2 S 80-105 Kg
Poison 2 M 95-115 Kg
Poison 2 L 105-130 Kg

Skywalk Poison 2 > Standard Colours

As the Poison 2 is made using the new metallised high-tech aerofabríx[AI] 29 cloth, it only comes in one colour:

  • Silver and White (with Black and Orange graphics)

Additional Information

Condition New
Website Link
LTF Certification LTF 2-3
Model Status Past model

Skywalk Poison 2 (PAST MODEL) Reviews

lovely lightweight wing on 07/06/2010
  • Star Rating
Top performance in the LTF 2-3 class, lovely lightweight wing, with fine responsive handling! The Poison 2 seems to have performance very close to a comp wing (and just a bit better than all of the other 2-3's) but with excellent stability for a serial class wing. The secret to the Poison 2's success is probably (almost certainly) something to do with the very lightweight high-tech aerofabríx[AI] 29 cloth (less weight = less inertia = better handling & stability). Having tried out most of the other 'serial class' (LTF/DHV 2-3 or EN C/D) wings I must have liked Skywalk's Poison 2 a lot because I've bought one for myself! Carlo

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