Skywalk TONKA 2 XS Orange



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Small. Lightweight. Fast.

Made for Alpine adventurers.

The TONKA2 is a miniwing, that opens up new horizons. With a projected area of just 11.8 m², it's the smallest paraglider on the market with LTF/EN-certification. Based on the design of our lightweight MASALA2 gilder, the TONKA2 weighs just 2.1 kg, is extremely small to pack and is easy to launch. That makes it the perfect tool for ambitious para-alpinists and Hike&Fly-pilots with adventurous plans. Thanks to its high wing loading, the wing reacts quickly and dynamically to every control input. For experienced pilots this means pure flying fun!

The TONKA2 is extremely fast, yet it glides exceptionally well despite its small size – making it THE favorite glider for speed competitions like the Red Bull Dolomitenmann!


The TONKA2 is a real “mini-wing”. Despite its small size, it doesn’t fly like a speedflyer. Instead, it flies with the precision of a really small paraglider. Its handling is extremely direct and agile. With a little bit of control line input you can turn this glider on a dime. And with a little more input you’ll be banking high in no time at all. Its high trim speed lets you launch, land and fly on windy days – a big advantage when a gust shoots up the lip of a steep backbowl or the wind suddenly picks up.


The TONKA2 was developed for Alpine adventurers flying in challenging terrain. Despite its small area, its L/D is surprisingly high and its sinkrate reassuringly low. The TONKA2 lets you launch from difficult spots and land in tight, remote valleys – and soar to cloud base on thermally active days. Its trim speed is pretty fast, but if you want a real jet-feeling, just step on the bar!


The TONKA2’s high wing loading makes it very stable – but also extremely dynamic and agile. For this reason, TONKA2 pilots should have a lot of flying experience under their belts and should be used to judging glider reaction in dynamic steep turns.


Jet Flaps

Enormous reserves as you approach the stall point: improved climb performance, especially in tight and strong thermals, longer brake travel to the stall point and an extended »green arc« of airspeed. More information

Rigid Foil

Nylon wires in the leading edge: lower total weight, maintains wing profile, ensures constant ram air pressure, improves launch, landing and extreme flight characteristics.


Nylon wires over the C- suspension point in the topsail instead of lines: less drag, more performance.


Fitting of an additional band: more exact profile shaping, less drag, more performance.

Mini Ribs

Doubles the number of cells in the area of the trailing edge: increased shape stability, less drag, more performance.


The TONKA2’s sail is made of lightweight Skytex 27 from Porcher Marine. Only the highly stressed leading edge on the topsail uses the tougher Skytex 38. Combined with a clever line concept with few suspension points and lightweight Dyneema risers, we were able to achieve an unbelievably low weight of just 2,1 kg.

Technical Data



cells 34
area flat (m²) 14,1
area projected (m²) 11,8
wingspan flat (m) 8,22
wingspan projected (m) 6,4
aspect ratio flat 4,8
aspect ratio projected 3,44
glider weight (kg) 2,1
takeoff weight (kg) 70-85
winch certified yes



Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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