Supair 30mm Alloy Twist-Lock Karabiner


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Lightweight 30mm paragliding carabiners with twist-lock release mechanism for paraglider riser to harness connections. Developed for lightweight harnesses with narrower webbing straps.

NB: The price is for one karabiner. If you want a pair then order two.

Supair 30mm Alloy Twist-Lock Karabiner

Alloy carabiners designed to connect the paraglider risers to the paragliding harness with 30mm wide webbing straps, or less.

Doubly-protected opening: first, slide the sleeve; second, turn the sleeve a quater turn to release.



  • Developed for lightweight harnesses with narrower webbing straps
  • Size: 30mm wide (base) x 64mm long (high)
  • Harness webbing strap width: 30 mm
  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Weight: 68 grams


  • Dual safety locking system
  • Individually tested
  • Production lot identification number
  • Breaking strain: 1800 daN


  • Zicral (alloy)

NB: Colours may vary by batch and availability.


Should the carabiners be lubricated 

Paragliding carabiners are silicone lubricated during assembly and do not require additional treatment afterwards, except if polluted with sand or other foreign agents. In case of the latter, clean thoroughly with detergent, rinse, dry, and lubricated with thin oil as used for climbing gear – Do not use grease! Regularly check the carabiners proper functioning!

What is a carabiners life span?

Contrary to the carabiners used in climbing, those made for paragliding are not subjected to impact. We however strongly recommend replacing them every 5 years or sooner when visibly damaged and/or becoming difficult to close and lock in place.

What are these carabiners made of?

They are made of aluminium alloy 7075 also called Zicral, Ergal or Fortal Constructal. This alloy is a mix of aluminium, zinc, magnesium and copper. Its strength is similar to that of a few types of steel. This alloy is mainly used and often found with products targeting technical outdoors sports activities.

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Condition New
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model

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