Supair Reserve Bridles - Tandem H

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A pair of twin tandem reserve bridles, with stitched loops at each end, to connect the tandem paragliding reserve parachute to the tandem spreader bars.

H bridle design (a pair of independent bridles) with Andre Rose system, made from webbing.

  • Weight: approx 245g.

Andre Rose System

When a reserve is deployed on a tandem paraglider collapsing the wing manually is virtually impossible, due to the considerable force required and the length of the risers. It is however important to be able to collapse the wing to prevent downplaning and reduce the risk of the reserve becoming tangled in the wing. The Andre Rose system solves this problem by collapsing the wing automatically when the reserve opens. The diagrams show how the system is installed and operates (see images).

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Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
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