Supair Shamane - Reversible Harness-Rucksack L - Second Hand (191013AB)

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Product code: SUPAR-SHAMANE-REVE-L-191013AB-2H

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Condition: Used

Nearly new condition. Supair Shamane L with Speedbag & Cockpit Light package. The original zip was professionally replaced by The Loft with a new stronger one.

  • Make: Supair
  • Model: Shamane - Reversible Harness-Rucksack
  • Size: L
  • Colour: One Colour
  • Manufacture date: 20/07/2010
  • Purchase date: 10/03/2014
  • Reserve container: Under-seat mount, Right hand
  • Protection type: Airbag & foam
  • Package includes: Karabiners, Original reserve handle, Reserve bridles, Speedbag (fixed), Flight deck (cockpit), Owners manual.

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