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This second edition of the best-selling Thermal Flying book by Burkhard Martens has 32 additional pages, including additional articles from top pilots and Thermik Magazine, and many updates and new images throughout the book.

Thermal Flying is a comprehensive guide to the art of thermaling and XC flying, illustrated with clear diagrams and photos to help pilots make sense of the concepts, techniques and meteorology knowledge you need to make the most of each flying day.

Thermal Flying for Paraglider and Hang Glider Pilots

Best seller! Second edition - updated and expanded with many new images.

Written by highly respected competition pilot Burkhard Martens, Thermal Flying has been translated in to English by PWC pilot Mads Syndergard with a bonus section by world champion Bruce Goldsmith. This hardback book covers all aspects of cross country flying and spells out priceless information on reading conditions and thermal flying like no other book.

Thermal Flying is peppered with experts’ tips and the author’s own personal experiences and beautifully illustrated with succulent photographs. With something to learn, whether you are a beginner or seasoned campaigner, this is a book that should be on every pilot’s bookshelf!

  • Author: Burkhard Martens
  • Other Contributors: Mads Syndergard, Bruce Goldsmith, Peter Achmuller, Daniel Tyrkas, Oliver Teubert, Achim Joos, Ulrich Prinz, Thermik Magazine
  • Publisher: Thermikwolke
  • 296 pages, hardback

Readers Comments...

Your book is the best piece of work I have seen in this segment, ever. Peter Brauniger 

GREAT book! It was plain to see that this is the book you were longing for back when you were learning, and that you simply decided to write it yourself! Andreas 

Packed with easy-to-use knowledge and explained in the best possible manner, the many photos and illustrations make it easy to see and understand what you're getting at. Congratulations with this major achievement. Harald 

I'm amazed by the elaborate explanations and overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of your book. It has fulfilled, and even superseded, my highest expectations. Pascal T. 

My hours in the air and the variety of places I have flown have been vital in my progression. Yet now I have read your book, I feel that I have jumped forward 2 more years. Thank you, and congratulations on what is a magnificent and inspirational book. Bruce Marks

I loved your book Thermal Flying. I already read it several times and will continue to read it again and again. Valery 

Peter is practically glowing with excitement. He swallowed the book in one big gulp. Great present. Hanne 

This book doesn't fill a gap in the market; it fills an abyss. Thomas

Your book is brilliant. Just thought I'd let you know. Brigitte  

I recommend it to everyone I meet. Michael 

Great hints Burki!! Felix Wolk

Thanks for the Thermal Flying book - actually the best flying book I have ever come across. I think the best thing is that it has some quite advanced stuff, but is still written in quite simple language which is perfect for simple people like me! All the other more advanced books are really 'dry' and I generally fall asleep by page 3! And the pictures are really good too. I like pictures. I will be recommending it to absolutely everyone. Rachael

ISBN: 978-3-00-040212-8

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Thermal Flying Reviews

An essential reference on 18/05/2018
  • Star Rating
An essential reference, which will help me find lift and fly further and fly safer. The alpine/mountain terrain techniques are useful in Bulgaria where I live & fly.

Highly recommended for new pilots who want to progress.

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