U-Turn IQ4 L - Second Hand (180510AA)

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Nearly new condition. 3 flights, total of 1.5 hrs. 1 small scuff on top.

  • Make: U-Turn
  • Model: IQ4
  • Size: L
  • Colour: Black-Grey-White
  • Certification: DHV
  • Manufacture date: Unknown
  • Purchase date: 15/12/2017
  • Reserve container: Under-seat mount, Right hand
  • Protection type: Airbag & Foam
  • Package includes: Back protection, Karabiners, Reserve container (integrated), Reserve handle, Reserve bridles, Speed system, Lightweight seatplate.

U-Turn IQ4

Make assurance double sure!

With the IQ4 U-Turn now offers a well-engineered allround-harness, that although tightly proportions and little weight offers fully protection at all times. This is possible due to the combination of two safety systems. The IQ4 posesses a ram pressure airbag as well as a foam protector. Each component meets on its own the demanding requirements of the DHV tests – together they offer huge safety reserves. In brief: The IQ4 is a very convenient “safety-first”-harness, that nevertheless fits with the demands of very actively flying pilots.

The combination of both protector systems secures that the DHV requirements are being achieved, even while launching (when the ram pressure Airbag is not inflated). This special kind of ram pressure airbag is also being certified without the foam protector. So, if low weight and low packing size is much more important than maximum comfort and safety for some flights, you can choose to remove the foam from the protector.

The IQ4 comes with free-sliding-shoulder-straps, which are facilitating ground handling and starting preparations. The reserve container is positioned right in the middle under the seatboard. This allows pilots to fly easily straight on, while side-container often cause sheering. The air-intake is at the side.

The protection of the IQ4 was tested again with the new regulations of 2009. The result was extraordinary good, the figures were better than all normal foam protectors. The IQ4 got a combination of Air- and Foam protection, and this over-all-conception leads to a set of advantages:

  • light weight, only 4,15 kg
  • small proportions, notably smaller than ordinary airbag harnesses
  • permanent protection, also during start
  • protection, also if the air is already gone
  • the foam protection is fixed directly on the backpart, so that it could not move in case of side-impact

Technical data






distance snap hooks (cm) 40-55 41-55 42-55 42-55
width of seat (cm) 39 39 41 41
body height (cm) 160-175 170-185 180-195 195-
weight (kg) 4,15 4,3 4,45 4,5
max. hook in weight 120 kg

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