Woody Valley Reserve Handle

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Woody Valley reserve handles for current and most non-production harnesses/reserve containers made by Woody Valley.

To optain the correct reserve handle for your Woody Valley product, use the table below to look up your harness model or reserve container and locate the corresponding compatible reserve handle.

If your harness is not listed then you must order 'Reserve Handle 1' and provide the following two pieces of information via email (which can be found on our Contact Us page). Please note that expected delivery times will be longer as the reserve handle will need to be manufactured. 

  1. A picture of the reserve handle attachment point on the harness
  2. A picture of the harness ID number which is on the silver label that can be found in the back pocket of the harness

Please make sure the photos are clear and detailed - you may need to use flash and take several photos which we are happy to accept. This will speed up the process of ascertaining which handle needs to be manufactured.

Harness/Reserve Container Reserve Handle
biX Tandem Reserve Handle 10
Exense Reserve Handle 6
Exense Air Reserve Handle 6
Front Reserve Container with Cockpit Light Reserve Handle 11
Front Reserve Container without Cockpit for X-Rated6 & X-Alps GTO Reserve Handle 13
Front Reserve Container with Cockpit Reserve Handle 11
Haska Reserve Handle 6
Haska2 Reserve Handle 6
Mix Reserve Handle 3
Mix Air Reserve Handle 3
Paramotor harness Reserve Handle 16
Peak2 Reserve Handle 6
Transalp Reserve Handle 8
Velvet2 Reserve Handle 6
Velvet2 Air Reserve Handle 6
Voyager Reserve Handle 7
Voyager Plus Reserve Handle 6
Wanì Reserve Handle 6
Wanì light Reserve Handle 14
X-Alps GTO Reserve Handle 6
X-Pression Reserve Handle 9
X-Rated7 Reserve Handle 17
X-Rated6 Reserve Handle 6

The images are purely indicative and may differ in materials, details and colours.

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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