Woody Valley Voyager Plus (PAST MODEL)



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Status: Past model

Condition: New

The good demand for our reversible harness Voyager (weight: 3Kg) with its optional front parachute container led us to make the "Voyager Plus" (weight: 3.75Kg) with an integrated reserve container under the seat and bigger, more comfortable rucksack.

Equipped with an airbag, which fulfills the new requirements of the DHV and the European certifications. Once airborne, the reversable rucksack becomes the actual AIRBAG and back protection itself. The special hooks on the back of the rucksack ensure a safe and correct position of the telescopic trekking poles during flight.

  • Adjustable seat plate depth
  • Side pockets of high-strength net fabric
  • Carbon seat plate
  • Security card on the right shoulder strap for a fast first aid access in case of emergency
  • Materials: Cordura® 300, light nylon, carbon, Camp aluminium carabiners
  • Certification: DHV with T-LOCK system
  • Weight: 3.75 kg
  • Colour options: 
    • Black-Blue (Grey, Black, Turquoise, Milk)
    • Black-Green (Grey, Black, Green, Milk)
    • Black-Red (Grey, Black, Dark Red, Milk)
  • Sizes: M, L, XL (like UK S, M, L)

Additional Information

Condition New
Model Status Past model

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