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The XCertina ‘quick pack’ bag is the quickest and best way to pack and store your wing.

The way you pack and store your paraglider directly affects its longevity and performance – careless packing can crease and damage the internal reinforcements in the wing. Whether mylar, nylon or anything else, these elements are crucial in forming the clean leading-edge profile that your glider needs to retain maximum performance. Concertina-folding your wing is the surest way to protect the integrity of your leading edge, but this can be an awkward and time-consuming task that is difficult on your own and almost impossible in a strong wind.

The XCertina Bag is the quick and easy solution to the problem. It’s quicker than the conventional packing system and helps retain the performance of your wing over time. It’s the easiest way to pack up in a strong wind, and better still it’s the simplest and quickest way to unpack and get ready to fly.

The Xcertina bag has been updated, taking into account new technology in wing design and feedback from pilots. A longer mesh and hook and loop fastener sleeve now holds the leading edge together to give a snugger and more secure packing system. The upper surface is also entirely made of mesh to allow the wing to breathe more easily. There is a special pocket to stow your risers to keep the whole package neat and tidy. There is also a two-way zip* so the choice of which way to close the bag is yours. There is now a compression strap attached to the bag to keep everything together. The XCertina Bag Mark IV is the best way to preserve the performance and characteristics of your paraglider.

*Flybubble note: It's generally recommended to zip the concertina bag closed from the trailing edge to the leading edge since this squeezes the air out of the cell openings, making packing easier. If however you prefer to zip the wing from the leading edge to the trailing edge then note that this concertina bag doesn't open when you start the zips from the leading edge; it only fully opens when you zip the normal way, from the leading edge to the trailing edge. If you're struggling to work out how to concertina pack your wing best then try asking fellow pilots to show you how they prefer to pack theirs. Don't be surprised if you hear many variations on the theme, and many convinced their way is the best - and only - way! ;)

The XCertina Bag comes in two sizes:

  • S (2.5 m): for competition, Acro and EN D wings
  • L (3 m): for EN A, B and C wings

Measure the chord at the centre of the wing to work out the right size for you. 

Flybubble note: We weighed each size of XCertina Bag Mk 4 on our electronic scales: S 510g; L 570g.

Please note that the colours may vary from pictures shown.

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Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

XCertina Bag Mk 4 Reviews

Very happy with item. on 29/07/2019
  • Star Rating
I'm new to paragliding and found the Xcertina bag very easy to pack the wing away. Great quality and well worth the money.

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