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The PRION 4 offers much and demands little. Regardless whether you are making your first turns in a thermal or if you are flying big distances in unknown areas, in every case you will benefit from the simplicity and innovations designed into the PRION 4.

PRION 4 - fly safely

Safe and intuitive. The colour-coded risers and lines reduce the risk of mistakes during your pre-flight check. Launching this weight-optimised wing is particularly easy. In the air, the PRION 4 excites with its agile handling and light brake pressure. The PRION's new profile and low aspect ratio provide big safety margins at any flight attitude.

Proven technologies and high quality materials. The PRION 4 features nearly all technologies which also distinguish our higher certified wings. The redesigned internal architecture with additional diagonal ribs makes the wing more rigid and therefore more solid in turbulent air. Thanks to a newly developed cloth (Dokdo20D) and the structurally optimised slots in the wing's interior, we were able to reduce its weight by nearly 10%. This benefits the wing's agility and behaviour.

Performance in thermals and during cross-country flights. With an FAI triangle of more than 209km, the PRION 3 proved its suitability for cross-country flying at the highest level. This is all the more true for the PRION 4. The brake line is made of PPSLS 65 - the thinnest sheathed line on the market. This means very little drag, whilst the lines remain easy to sort. The balanced handling and the compact canopy will enable you to climb efficiently in thermals. The PRION 4 - no limits to your adventures.

Technical data






Number of cells 36
Projected span 7,81 8,25 8,66 9,25
Projected area 19,25 21,52 23,66 27
Projected aspect ratio 3,17
Flat span 10,37 10,97 11,5 12,29
Flat area 23,26 26 28,59 32,63
Flat aspect ratio 4,63
Line diameter 0.76/ 0,95/ 1.3/ 1,9/ 2,1
Line length 6,15 6,5 6,81 7,28
Total line length 206 218 228 244
Max. chord 278 294 308,5 329,5
Min. chord 91 96,5 101 108
Weight 4,15 4,5 4,8 5,2
Recommended take off weight 55-85 75-100 90-110 100-130
Certification (EN/LTF) A A A A


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Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN A
LTF Certification LTF A
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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