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Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN C

LTF Certification: LTF C

The SPICE2 is pre-destined for performance-seeking cross-country hunters who like to optimize their XC gear down to the smallest detail in weight and packing size.

Technical data

Recommended weight range (kg) 65-85 80-95 90-105 100-115
Certified weight range (kg) 60-87 75-97 85-107 95-117
Cells 70 70 70 70
Area flat (m²) 22,00 23,43 24,90 26,93
Area projected (m²) 18.6 19.8 21.06 22.8
Wingspan flat (m) 11.9 12.3 12.7 13.2
Wingspan projected (m) 9.3 9.6 9.9 10.3
Aspect ratio flat 6.43 6.43 6.43 6.43
Aspect ratio projected 4.64 4.64 4.64 4.64
min. profile depth (cm) 50.3 51.9 53.5 55.6
max. profile depth (cm) 231.3 238.7 246.1 255.9
Glider weight* (kg) 3.3 3.4 3.6 3.8
Homologation LTF/EN C C C C

* Glider weight with Dyneema risers. Weight with Regular risers apprx. +160g.


Colours: Red, White

Skywalk SPICE2 colours: Red, White


  • 1x Glider backpack ALPINE (or HIKE*)
  • 1x Compression strap
  • 1x Innerbag for glider
  • 1x Riser bag
  • 1x Bandana
  • 1x Self-adhesive repair patch

* with surcharge


  • Regular risers (recommended) or Dyneema risers (cord style)

Skywalk SPICE2

SPICE2: sports class meets ultralight

The SPICE2 is pre-destined for performance-seeking cross-country hunters who like to optimize their XC gear down to the smallest detail in weight and packing size. At 3.3 to 3.8 kilograms, the four sizes of the XC sportster are record-breakingly light, and the latest innovations allow you to easily access its enormous performance potential. The SPICE2 feels solid in the air and can be flown very efficiently on bar via the SPEED CONTROL, making it one of the most powerful gliders in its class.

The wing is perfectly adapted to the needs of XC pilots who like to explore new terrain. The SPICE’s healthy balance gives you the confidence to solve tricky cross-country and bivouac flying situations at any time.

Tailor-made for explorers!

The best balance of performance and weight in the sport class.

How does the SPICE2 fly?

The SPICE2 demonstrates its balanced characteristics right at launch. While kiting, the lightweight canopy rises steadily above the pilot and develops lift quickly, which makes launching from steep or tight sites in alpine terrain much easier.

In the air, the glider immediately conveys confidence, and the ultra-lightweight canopy provides pleasant feedback. For relaxed, fatigue-free XC flying, brake line pressure is pleasantly low and brake line travel is moderate. The glider responds directly to brake input and turns smoothly as bank angle increases. The SPICE2 is particularly pitch-stable and sits firmly in the air. This translates to an enormous performance boost, especially in turbulent conditions, and enables very efficient flying as the pilot compensates less for canopy movement around the vertical, horizontal or longitudinal axis when gliding.

The angle of attack of the canopy can be easily and efficiently controlled in accelerated flight via the C-risers. The speed system and the SPEED CONTROL work smoothly, so you can fly fast, fatigue-free and maintain a high average speed for a long time, even in turbulence –– perfect for demanding XC adventures!


We have adamantly optimized the SPICE2 for lightness. At the leading edge, which is particularly stressed by UV radiation and mechanical influences, our innovative TX-Light material is used, which offers an excellent compromise between lightness and robustness. The less stressed main parts of the top and bottom sails are made of very lightweight Dominico 10D material, which offers excellent aging resistance for its extremely low weight. For the profile ribs and anchor lines, we use the proven Porcher Skytex 27g hard finish, which offers high dimensional stability at low weight. The user-friendly line concept leaves nothing to be desired for an ultra-lightweight sports class glider.


Jet flaps

Our JET FLAPS extend the green arc as you approach the stall point, which substantially increases safety and also improves climb performance.

Rigid foil

The Rigid Foil nylon wires on the leading edge help maintain its shape and ensure constant ram air pressure. Advantages: better takeoff behavior, more performance and lower canopy weight.


A precise calculation of the leading edge geometry and the installation of an additional strip of fabric reduce wrinkling in this sensitive part of the glider. Advantages: exact wing shape, more performance.


The 3-line-level concept reduces the number of lines and the resulting drag. Advantages: more performance and a better overview at launch.

Mini ribs

Doubling the number of cells at the trailing edge increases its shape stability substantially. Advantage: fewer vortices improve the aerodynamics and with it the performance.


Nylon wires sewn into the glider over the anchor points of the C-level lines. Advantages: better load distribution, reduced drag, more performance.

Shark nose

Together with a corresponding wing design, the shark nose technology improves pressure distribution in the canopy substantially. Advantages: much more solid flying feeling and substantial performance gain, especially when gliding on bar.

Speed control

Riser steering system which allows the pilot to even out turbulence, speed and pitch while flying on speed bar without having to release the speed bar.


Upper Sail Dominico TX-Light / 10D
Lower Sail Dominico 10D
Ribs Porcher Skytex 27g hard
Bands Porcher Skytex 27g hard
Main lines Liros PPSLS 180/125, PPSL 200/160
Middle lines Edelrid 8000-U135/90/80/70/50
Top lines Liros DC 60/35
Brake lines Edelrid 8000-U135/70/50, Liros DC35
Riser Regular Güth&Wolf 12mm Gurtband
Riser Dyneema Liros 6mm Dyneema


To follow.

Service info & FAQ

Read Skywalk service info and answers to FAQ.



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EN CertificationEN C
LTF CertificationLTF C
Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model
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