Niviuk Hook 5 P

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Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN A, EN B

LTF Certification: LTF A, LTF B

A light version for weighty adventures. The Hook 5 P offers versatility, comfort and efficiency in a wing perfect for your first hike & fly tours. Progress as a pilot and feel free to discover new routes with absolute safety and comfort.


HOOK 5 P 20 22 24 26 28
Cells Number 47 47 47 47 47
Aspect Ratio 5,3 5,3 5,3 5,3 5,3
Area Flat m2 20 22 24 26 28
Projected m2 17,06 18,76 20,47 22,17 23,88
Cord Max m 2,42 2,54 2,66 2,76 2,87
Lines Total m 207 218 228 238 247
Risers Number 3+1 A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C
Glider weight kg 3,15* 3,4 3,65* 3,9* 4,15*
Total weight in flight (TWF) Min - Max kg 55 -70 60 - 80 70 - 92 82 - 105 95 - 120
Certification TWF EN/LTF A+ A+ A+ A+ A+
TWF Extended Min - Max kg 55 - 85 60 - 95 70 - 105 82 - 120 -
Certification TWF extended EN/LTF B B B B B



Standard colours: Magic, Golden, Haze

Standard colours: Magic, Golden, Haze


  • Rucksack: Kargo 85 or 140
  • Compression strap
  • Riser bag
  • Repair kit

Hook 5 P: the adventurer in you

Progression + Hike & Fly | EN/LTF A+

Adventures with total safety

Your absolute priority is ours as well. The latest technological innovations have been applied to the design of the wing, to give you maximum safety starting with a simple takeoff to a controlled, smooth landing.

Light as a feather

The Hook 5 P is ideal to encourage you to reach new goals during your adventures. Its main characteristics are comfort, intuitive handling, effective and stable glide, reduced inertia and collapse-resistance.

Outstanding performance

Improve your performance in flight with a wing that gives you total control with quick responses to inputs and precise turns. Its aerodynamic design enhances all its features so you can release your inner adventurer.

Learn about Niviuk Paraglider Technologies

The adventurer in you

The light version of the Hook 5 will help you choose your own adventure. Ultralight weight and reduced volume enhance the passive safety and comfort of this wing and ensure excellent accessibility and more intuitive handling. Take off and feel the unequaled sensation of freedom.

Begin your first hike & fly experiences with an easy inflation that will allow you to take off with little wind from any terrain. Once in flight, the efficiency and the stability in glide will take the sensation of comfort to the max, with a sensitive handling and the minimum of inertia. The latest advances in the Radial Sliced Diagonal, 3DL and 3DP technologies mean perfect tensioning for a more efficient wing without deformations and greater performance.

The leading edge is designed to be stable and efficient during glides, with fast response to inputs. The wing won’t turn during incidents. The improved RAM Air Intake optimises the internal pressure of the wing for a more consistent profile across the entire speed-range and giving the pilot complete control and confidence.

The trailing edge is reinforced with small ribs for a better pressure distribution. This not only improves glide, but also increases speed and its performance in thermals. Like the Hook 5, this lightweight version knows how to take advantage of turbulence, converting it to lift progressively, making piloting easier.

Some of the wing’s strongest points are maneuverability, response and simple to initiate turns. The Hook 5 P provides excellent feedback which is ideal for active flying and progressing safely. Longer brake travel means it is is possible to fly at slower speeds with complete control and a landing that is easy and safe.

Its light configuration with IKS connections makes the Hook 5 P an easy to transport paraglider, ideal for new adventurers. Thanks to the use of Nitinol rods the wing maintains its optimum shape even after ultra-compact or incorrect folding, so that the wing is not deformed.

For sure, the Hook 5 P is the perfect wing for your first hike & fly and vol-biv tours. An ultralight paraglider which offers maximum safety and comfort from the moment of launch to landing. It will enhance your flying experience with its excellent maneuverability. A wing to release your inner adventurer.


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EN CertificationEN A, EN B
LTF CertificationLTF A, LTF B
Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model
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