Andy Ward – thank you for selling me an amazing glider!

Just wanted to thank you for selling me an amazing glider! Can you pass on my thanks to Carlo too for his advice. Had a handful of amazing flights at Ringstead today and the Roller was as I had hoped – nimble, fast, fun! Its going to take a bit of time to get used to just how responsive it is, so I played it safe and kept the flights short.

Tim Moore – I can’t thank you enough for the service

Hi Carlo, very nice meeting you, and the rest of the team.
I can’t thank you enough for the service you provided me, three hours talking about my requirements and setting my harness and reserve up… outstanding! I’m very happy with the gear I came away with and my confidence is all the better for it.

Mark Jefferies – thanks for super equipment & especially service

Thank you Nancy and Carlo at Flybubble, the Nova Phantom just works so well. Being able to stay with the experienced boys or even above them is great. The Phantom is a B wing that thinks its a D, out-performing many! Thanks to Nancy Elliott and Carlo Borsattino at Flybubble for super equipment and especially service.

Jeremy Hine – very pleased with my purchases

I flew my new harness (Advance Lightness 2) at Dunstable Downs, conditions were OK but the sunny day and NW cold wind produced quite punchy thermals. The harness is great, thanks to the fitting it’s the right size. I found I can feel through the risers which side the lift is stronger which before on my open harness I couldn’t.

Martin Goldring – cannot recommend highly enough

I recently returned to Flybubble to upgrade my kit and got not only some very thorough and evidently well-informed advice on what to get and tuition in using it, but also a very generous trade-in price for my old glider and harness! I cannot recommend them highly enough. 5 stars!

Ben Holt – 5 star service from Flybubble!

I wanted an upgrade from my Advance Success 3 (which is an amazingly comfortable standard upright harness). Flybubble had what I wanted in stock in my size so I took the drive over to have a fitting session with Carlo. I had initially thought to have the harness posted to me as it’s a 6 hour round trip for me in the car.

Mike Byfield – top advice & great service, 5 stars!

The Flybubble team go beyond professional by adding personal.
Nancy, Carlo thanks for years of top advice and great service! 😊
5 stars!

Michael Manners – highly recommended, 5 stars!

Thank you Nancy and the Flybubble Team for the excellent deal and service given. Great communication and advice too.
Highly recommended. 5 stars!

Charles Mcneil – fantastic service, well happy

Great wing, very happy with it. I think the change in size was a good call as felt very comfortable in flight.
Thanks again for your help and fantastic service.
Well Happy.

Sean Longworth – new harness, very happy! 5 stars.

Drove down to Flybubble to get a new harness sorted. Long drive, but so glad I did! Carlo didn’t rush me and spent more than long enough getting me sorted. Very happy! 5 stars.