About Us

Flybubble is a specialist freeflight (paragliding, hang gliding, speed flying and paramotoring) equipment retailer and distributor based in the UK. We aim to give an outstandingly Personalised service to our valued customers. We offer a select range of the best equipment from the top freeflight manufacturers, and hold far more stock than most. This means we can offer you a great choice of new and used gear, package deals and part exchanges, plus expert buying advice through our unique Flybubble MATCH service.

We are passionate pilots, and between us love all aspects of freeflying - from ridge soaring to hike-and-fly, cross country, competitions and acro - so can advise on many different styles of flying and equipment. In particular we are experts at matchinig pilots to equipment, and equipment to pilots!

Most of all, we care about your safety and progression as a pilot. Apart from keeping all the product information up to date on our website, so you can make better-informed decisions, we review freeflight fear, compile tips and create articles and videos so you can benefit from our expertsie and improve your flying. 

Directors Carlo and Nancy run the business together whilst striving to keep up to speed on the latest freeflight equipment, knowledge, techniques and trends, so they can best advise our customers on the right and best gear for them. On flyable days you'll likely find us on the hill testing gear. On really good days you might see us chasing dreams across the sky.

Directors Carlo & Nancy

Why Choose Flybubble?

30+ Years Experience

We've been trusted by pilots since the early 90s and have excellent customer reviews

The Best Equipment

We offer a select range of the best equipment from the top freeflight manufacturers

More Stock Than Most

We are on the best-stocked freeflight equipment specialists in the world

Our MATCH Service

Get expert buying advice to ensure you buy the best gear that's right for YOU

Passionate Pilots

We are passionate pilots ourselves, and between us love all aspects of freeflying


What can we do for you?

You’re buying equipment you need to trust with your life. Are you making the best decision?

Use our expertise to find the right match with your skills and aspirations. We gather information directly from the manufacturers about current developments across a wide range of products. We fly them and test them in varied conditions. We draw on this knowledge when helping customers with every gear choice.

We avoid bias by offering a wide yet carefully curated selection of the best brands and products, so we are free to choose the right model for you. Also we are 100% customer-focused, not brand focused, and want the same end result as you: We want you to be extremely happy with all of the gear you choose to buy from us. This way we get great job satisfaction (which is why we keep doing what we do) and we hope that you will recommend us to others and come back to us to buy more gear when you need it in future. By taking advantage of our unique MATCH buying service you get equipment that will build your confidence and help you get the most joy out of your flying for years to come.

Get a personal consultation with our Flybubble MATCH service then use our expertise to narrow your shortlist down to the best choice.

Package deals

If you buy at least two high-cost items at the same time (like a wing, harness or reserve) we can offer you a package deal.

The more you buy, the better the deal we can give you. Contact us for more details.

Part exchange (trade-ins)

If you don't want the hassle of trying to sell your wing, harness or reserve yourself, we can offer you a part exchange deal when you purchase a new wing, harness or reserve from us. First get the gear professionally serviced or repacked by a reputable paraglider service centre e.g. in the UK, The Loft Workshop. Then email us a copy of their completed service report.