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Flybubble Paragliding. Freeflight Experts. Equipment Specialists.

Flybubble is a specialist freeflight (paragliding, hang gliding, speed flying and paramotoring) equipment retailer and distributor based in the UK. We aim to give an outstandingly personalised service to our highly valued customers. We offer a select range of the best equipment from the top freeflight manufacturers, and hold far more stock than most. This means we can offer you a great choice of new and used gear, package deals, part exchanges, custom fittings and demo flights.

We are passionate pilots, and between us love all aspects of free flying—from ridge soaring to hike-and-fly, cross country, competitions and acro—so can advise on many different styles of flying and equipment. In particular we are experts at matching pilots to equipment, and equipment to pilots!

Most of all, we care about your safety and progression as a pilot. Apart from keeping all the product information up to date on our website, so you can make better-informed decisions, we review freeflight gear, compile tips, and create articles and videos so you can benefit from our expertise and improve your flying.

"Thanks so much to Nancy and Carlo at Flybubble. Their friendly and clear-minded approach to matching a person to the wing is a brilliant service. I could be assured all was well. I trust Flybubble implicitly and they have never let me down."

- Flybubble customer Paul Grover


Another happy Flybubble customer

What can we do for you?

You're buying equipment you need to trust with your life. Are you making the best decision?

Use our expertise to find the right match with your skills and aspirations. We gather information directly from the manufacturers about current developments across a wide range of products. We fly them and test them in varied conditions. We draw on this knowledge when helping customers with every gear choice.

We avoid bias by offering a wide yet carefully curated selection of the best brands and products, so we are free to choose the right model for you. Also we are 100% customer-focused, not brand focused, and want the same end result as you: We want you to be extremely happy with all of the gear you choose to buy from us. This way we get great job satisfaction (which is why we keep doing what we do) and we hope that you will recommend us to others and come back to us to buy more gear when you need it in future. By taking advantage of our unique MATCH buying service you get equipment that will build your confidence and help you get the most joy out of your flying for years to come.

Get a personal consultation with our MATCH service (more on this below) then use our expertise to narrow your shortlist down to the best choice. Get a great part exchange deal. Relax in the knowledge that delivery will be as fast as possible and any problems will be sorted out with minium fuss.

We've been trusted by pilots since the early 90s. Find out why.

"Your customer service is hands down the best I have ever had, thanks again."

- Flybubble customer Alistair Crompton


Flybubble MATCH service - get the best gear for YOU

Flybubble MATCH service

The MATCH is our unique buying service. It does not add anything to the cost of the wing, harness, reserve or instrument. This down-payment allows you to take advantage of our expert guidance straight away: you get personalised advice to find the gear that matches your individual requirements.

Once you've chosen the equipment you like best then you pay the balance and take it away with you. So our service doesn't cost you anything extra and once you've tried doing business this way, you'll see that it offers you exceptional value for money.

1. Consultation

Get expert advice from devoted freeflight equipment specialists, also highly experienced pilots and instructors. We've been flying and supplying top-notch flying equipment since the early nineties. When you buy your equipment from us you will benefit from our knowledge, and ensure you buy the right and best equipment for YOU.

2. Trial

Whilst test flights are not absolutely essential, and in reality often impractical, we do stock some of the most popular wings so if required we may be able to offer you a test flight on some wings in our range as part of our MATCH service.

3. Ordering & Delivery

We appreciate you ordering from us and will fulfil your order as quickly as possible.

4. Checks

In the unlikely event there's something wrong with a new wing, it's best that we're the last stop in the professional quality control line. That's why we offer professional final product checks as part of our service when you purchase your new wing from us. Not all dealers offer these checks, which can put you at risk if you don't know what to look for.

5. Fitting

Whilst again not absolutely essential, and in reality often impractical, it may be possible to arrange a harness fitting session as part of our MATCH service.

Harness fitting sessions have proven to be invaluable, especially for more complex harnesses e.g. some pods. Setting up a modern pod harness or fitting a reserve parachute takes time and expertise, and those customers who have benefitted from this service have been impressed with the difference it makes. Perfect balance, easy launch and landing.

6. Service

We strive to offer friendly and personal service, so we're always here for you if you need support after buying something from us. We've built strong trade links with suppliers and can call on them for hassle-free exchanges or warranty repairs.

Whether you're looking to buy a new wing, harness, reserve or instrument, our unique buying service cannot be beaten. It's a complete solution designed to give you stress-free shopping and good advice to match you with gear you can trust so that you can fly with complete confidence.

Get the right MATCH

"Flybubble say they match the wing to the pilot and their recommendation was perfect. Superb customer service and communication throughout. Great part ex on my old wing and great price on the new. I am a repeat customer of Flybubble and with service like that why go anywhere else."

- Flybubble customer Luke Jones



Flybubble MATCH service - get the best gear for YOU

Looking for the best value?

Package deals

If you buy at least two high-cost items at the same time (like a wing, harness, reserve or instrument) we can offer you a package deal. The more you buy, the better the deal we can give you. Contact us for more details.

Part exchange (trade-ins)

If you want to trade-in your equipment, we can offer you a great part-ex deal for your old kit when you buy new equipment from us. First, get a professional service report from The Loft or similar (no more than 6 months before the exchange), then we'll take your old gear and reduce the price of your purchase. You don't have the hassle and risk of trying to sell it yourself: your serviced equipment joins our approved used stocklists.

Special offers

For special deals we're currently offering on new freeflight equipment see our Specials section.

Used gear

We usually have a wide range of used equipment in our Used section.

"You can shop around for price, but how do you put a value on service? I got just what I wanted from Flybubble. Thanks dearly Carlo & Nancy."

- Flybubble customer Peter Campbell


Flybubble - top service, great advice, excellent value

Freeflight test centre

Apart from being able to offer you test flights on a range of current new wings from the top freeflight manufacturers, having demo paragliders and trial products means we learn about all the new designs, so we're best positioned to properly advise you on them. For example, being an official Advance test centre means we have many of their products in stock, available to trial and purchase. We hold stock of new and used wings, reserves, harnesses, instruments, helmets and accessories from all of the top paragliding brands listed on our website.

You can try various models on for size, and compare features with expert assistance in our one-on-one consultations. That's why pilots say Flybubble is the best place to buy all your kit!

"All of my kit is phenomenal. I'm so ecstatic, it has completely revolutionised the sport for me! Flybubble are wonderful! Extremely helpful, passionate and patient. I've never felt so comfortable nor enjoyed the sport so much. Thank you!!! Top service like nowhere else."

- Flybubble customer Alex Carter


Flybubble - freeflight test centre

Flybubble Crew

The Flybubble Crew are the ones who man the Flybubble ship and bring you the best freeflight gear. Carlo (Managing Director) and Nancy (Sales Director) direct the business side of things. Boris (systems and products), Stephen (support) and Simon (fulfilment) man the decks. We're all good friends and fly together, as well as sharing duties.

On good flying days you might find some of us out chasing dreams across the sky, but there's usually someone on duty to serve you. If not, send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Find out when we should be about to offer advice, see our business hours on Contact Us.

"Thank you for the excellent advice and service in changing my wing, harness and reserve. The whole process is really worthwhile. It is priceless to talk with somebody who has really tested and flown a particular wing and can advise on its characteristics. That's Flybubble."

- Flybubble customer Dave Warren


Flybubble Online Shop

For most product research and smaller orders we recommend you use our website and secure online shop which is open for browsing and shopping 24/7 and shows live stock. Our online shop is often the best and fastest way for you to make a purchase, as the payment procedures are automated.

Flybubble Online Shop - Paragliding Freeflight Equipment Emporium