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Get expert advice from Flybubble to ensure you buy the best gear for YOU.

The MATCH is our unique buying service. It does not add anything to the cost of the wing, harness, reserve or instrument you purchase from us. This down-payment confirms your intention to order from us and allows you to take advantage of our expert guidance: you get personalised advice to find the gear that matches your individual requirements.

How to get our MATCH service

Pay for the MATCH service deposit through our website and get in touch.

Customer reviews

Here's a tiny sample of the many pilots who've benefitted from using our unique Flybubble MATCH service over the years.

"I've used Flybubble many times and will do again. Great experience and service to the customer. The attention to all details is always excellent and reassuring. Great part-exchange for your used kit. Give them a chance to see if they can help you. I bet they can!"

- Flybubble customer Paul Street

"Flybubble say they match the wing to the pilot and their recommendation was perfect. Superb customer service and communication throughout. Great part ex on my old wing and great price on the new. I am a repeat customer of Flybubble and with service like that why go anywhere else."

- Flybubble customer Luke Jones

"I bought a glider from Flybubble. The quality of service they provide is second to none. The initial match service was extensive, personally tailored and free (if you buy a wing). I chose a glider that wasn't in stock, however I was constantly updated about the importation and then delivery. You don't get service like this any more! I can't rate them highly enough."

- Flybubble customer Chris Tusting

Flybubble — freeflight experts, equipment specialists

Flybubble — freeflight experts, equipment specialists

We are free flight experts and free flight equipment specialists, offering a select range of the very best new and used freeflying gear from the top manufacturers, and stocking far more than most. We aim to give an outstandingly personalised service to our highly valued customers.

We are passionate pilots, and between us love all aspects of free flying so can advise on many different styles of flying and equipment. In particular we are experts at matching pilots to equipment, and equipment to pilots! Sign up to our Flybubble MATCH service and we'll ensure you buy all the best gear for YOU.

"All of my kit is phenomenal. I'm so ecstatic, it has completely revolutionised the sport for me! Flybubble are wonderful! Extremely helpful, passionate and patient. I've never felt so comfortable nor enjoyed the sport so much. Thank you!!! Top service like nowhere else."

- Flybubble customer Alex Carter

"Customer service was exceptional... very helpful in asking me questions concerning my purchase of a new wing, confirming the size I requested based on my erroneous calculations. They inspected my wing before it was shipped which provided an extra layer of comfort on my part."

- Flybubble customer Steve Brown

"It's an easy recommendation for Flybubble... the team did a great job explaining the options available from all manufacturers, patiently answering questions... peppering me with useful tips and tricks... impressed pilots and instructors alike from across Europe. Overall, great service from Flybubble. Highly recommended!"

- Flybubble customer Rob Easthope

Choose the right wing

You've read the reviews. You've talked to your friends. But which wing is the best?

It's the way the wing works with you as a pilot that creates the magic. It's all about matching you with the right wing. What kind of flying is your experience based on, what wing are you upgrading from, and what are you hoping to get out of your flying? You won't find those questions on a glider sales pitch, but they are the most important ones!

Wing Match at Flybubble

Every wing provides a different blend of characteristics. We help you to prioritise each one: Performance, Safety, Handling, Feedback, Price and Durability.

The real advantage of buying through Flybubble is our ability to assess the type of pilot you are and understand which wing will give you the most fun and satisfaction. This is based on our experience with a wide range of makes and models but also our years of instructing students and helping many customers to progress.

If required we may be able to arrange a local test flight on the South Downs, or send the wing to you.

"Thanks so much to Nancy and Carlo at Flybubble. Their friendly and clear-minded approach to matching a person to the wing is a brilliant service. Dealer checks carried out meant I could be assured that all was well. I trust Flybubble implicitly and they have never let me down."

- Flybubble customer Paul Grover

Choose the right harness

Your harness affects the feeling, handling and safety of your wing. It also has many adjustments so it’s important to take the time and attention to have it set up optimally.

During the selection process, we will prioritise each of the following aspects: comfort, weight, performance, price, protection, and durability to help you choose between the many harness styles.

Flybubble Harness Match Service

Narrowing down the options in this way usually produces a shortlist of 2-3 ideal harnesses. After selecting the right model and size, adjustments are made to the speed bag length, seat plate angle and all support straps during a hang check to ensure optimum support.

Getting the best possible setup is something of an art, because some characteristics affect each other, like comfort, weight shift freedom, aerodynamics and stability. We take the time to explain these factors while we ensure the proper setup. We also test the compatibility of the harness and related accessories, including the all-important reserve extraction test with feedback on your technique to maximize your chances of a successful deployment.

All of this is free – it’s part of our service.

"Really impressive and confident I have a set of kit far far better suited to me than based on reviews or trying. And at no extra cost! Nancy's knowledge was also seriously impressive, being able to personally comment on most wings and harnesses."

- Flybubble customer Fraser Gillies

Get the right reserve parachute

A key piece of equipment, the reserve parachute doesn’t get thought about much - until your life depends on it…

Flybubble Parachute Reserve Match Service


There are many reserve parachute options available: round, square, hybrid, pentagonal and steerable. Each has a unique combination of sink rate, weight range, packing volume and weight, speed of opening, ease of re-packing, harness compatibility, pendular stability, drift or tracking and resistance to undesirable behaviours.

First we find out your all-up weight and purchasing priorities, and explain the pros and cons of each type of reserve. Then we sort and filter the options by maximum load to narrow down the choices. We continue to filter down the choices based on your buying priorities. From years of experience this works really well, and the results can be surprising.

If you're purchasing both a harness and a reserve from us at the same time then for a fee we can offer a reserve fitting service for you, please ask. If you would also like advice on choosing the right connectors (e.g. reserve bridles, maillons, soft links, O rings, maillon covers, etc) please ask.

"Thanks to Flybubble you'll get exactly what's suited to your needs, at a great price. Lets the pros do the thinking and listen to them. You'll not be disappointed. Top-notch service."

- Flybubble customer Dennis Morris

Choose the right instrument

Instruments are one of the most confusing items to buy because there is so much functionality on offer. They take up the most after-sales support too; using them can be a steep learning curve…

Flybubble Instrument Match Service

What do you want? Simple vario, integrated GPS, navigation, WI-Fi connection, on-screen task planning, thermal assistance, airspace display and alarms, or full competition functionality?

Other considerations to take into account are the weight, battery life, robustness, screen performance, upgrade path, quality of vario, ease of use, mounting and configuration options, technical support, flight logging options, and more. Using our expertise can simplify the process, save you time, and helps you to get the best flight instrument.

"Flybubble helped me select the right equipment for my progression and took extra steps to ensure it's exactly what I need, and that it's ready to fly. Thanks a ton you guys!"

- Flybubble customer Tanner McMullen

Get the right match

It takes time to discuss all these aspects which is why we would rather book an appointment to ensure that you buy what suits you best. Get professional guidance to find a wing, harness, reserve or instrument that builds your confidence, suits your skills and offers a real boost to your flying. All of this is free – it’s simply secured by a deposit.

See our Flybubble MATCH service in action

"Carlo, Nancy and the team invest a lot of time with their customers to ensure they get what they need. Their attention to detail is first class and I always feel confident that I have come away with a really good fit for my needs."

- Flybubble customer Ian S

Why do we ask for a non-refundable deposit?

Without charging a deposit for wings, harnesses, reserves and instruments we'd be overwhelmed by speculators and would have less time to offer our loyal customers. Some people try to get free advice from us and take advantage of our expertise and investment in stock, then buy elsewhere. By paying a deposit you demonstrate that you are serious about buying from us, so we can offer you our full attention, share all of our expertise and give you access to our great range of stock. We will make sure you get the best equipment for you, and that you get the most out of it.

"Excellent service and expert advice. Spent the time to find the best product to suit my needs."

- Flybubble customer Mark D

Once you've chosen the equipment you only pay the remaining balance. Once you've tried doing business this way, you'll see that it offers you exceptional value for money. Just ask anyone of our customers, or read their feedback.

More Flybubble customer testimonials

"I bought a wing from Flybubble, excellent service and advice."

- Flybubble customer Richard Hawksworth

"Your customer service is hands down the best I have ever had, thanks again."

- Flybubble customer Alistair Crompton

"The number one shop for paragliding equipment. Great prices and very helpful staff with extensive knowledge."

- Flybubble customer Sean Cole

"Amazing customer service! The best in the paragliding business. Thank you for going above and beyond for me!"

- Flybubble customer James Connolly

"Patient, knowledgeable and fair. Not just professional for a paragliding company, Flybubble offer outstanding service for any industry."

- Flybubble customer Andrew Hill

"You can shop around for price, but how do you put a value on service? Something lost in modern times. I got just what I wanted from Flybubble. Thanks dearly Carlo & Nancy."

- Flybubble customer Peter Campbell

"Boy! Was it worthwhile. Absolutely no pressure just tons of carefully considered expert advice. An absolutely first class experience. The very best 'sales' experience I have ever had."

- Flybubble customer Richard Froggatt

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