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Learn vital skills like active flying, how to launch in strong winds, using outer brake or finding your stall point. The more control you have, the more you can enjoy this wonderful sport. (For a visual feast, check out our paraglider control videos)


Articles relating directly to safety roost under this roof, like how to reduce risk, preflight checks, reserve parachute throwing, thermals and traffic and safer launch stance. (See more flying safety videos)


Tips on cross country flying, gathered from our many years of trying to stay airborne for as far as possible. These are aimed at the more advanced pilots who are wanting to progress beyond the ridge lift, break the first 50, 100 or even 200 km mark. If you’re just starting out, absorb all of the Paraglider Control and Flying Safety stuff first, so you’ve got a strong foundation. (There’s more in our XC secrets videos)


Sometimes the best way to share a skill is to share a story: from short trips to the coast to grand bivi flying adventures. We love to share what we love! We always try to embed nuggets of flying lore into these tales, analyzing tactical decisions, route options and weather phenomena to help you learn principles you can apply in your own flying. (If you want some quick inspiration, check out the Alone in the ALPS series)


Competition pilots often fly so fast it’s hard to see what they’re doing, but we capture our team pilots from time to time and don’t let them out of the cage until they’ve shared all their secrets. We have a Competition Flying Guide for first timers, as well as competition reports from our team pilots. (For something a little different, check out the Bornes to Fly report).


It’s a long road, from ground zero to cloudbase hero, so we’ve collected advice and information related to the progression, from low-airtime pilot tips to BHPA Pilot rating and beyond.

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