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The first microlight open face helmet with a Rollbar: great visibility and safety chin protection.


  • Design
  • Shell made of fiberglass
  • The Rollbar: chin protection with titanium-anodized aluminium tube
  • Sizes
  • Interchangeable internal padding
  • Rollbar visor
  • The turbo skip: short or long
  • One size fits all option (optional)
  • Adjustable plastic-coated stainless steel wire sidepieces with luxury chin strap (registered model)
  • Certification E.N. 966
  • Weight: 1100 grams +/- 50 grams
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Helmet bag included
  • Ear defenders or electronic headsets (optional)
  • Icaro Helmets Manual


Designed by Ignazio Bernardi, with technical consultancy from the greatest Italian helmet developer.

Shell made of strong fiberglass layers

Rollbar, a helmet built using the same technology as in military applications, including high-modulus glass fibre and high-density polystyrol to guarantee the highest possible standards of safety.

The Rollbar

The Rollbar, has the function to protect the chin with a titanium-anodized aluminium tube. 

Icaro 2000 is a company committed to ongoing product research and development. For this reason, following requests by many pilots and dealers for a full-face Microlight helmet with built-in headsets, we opted for a different solution: the first helmet with a roll-bar, offering excellent vision and a high level of safety. 

This helmet, with its exciting, high-tech design, is hallmarked by its most distinctive feature, the roll-bar, which guarantees protection for the lower part of the face without reducing field of vision. 

The helmet is built using highly reliable materials and modern components. In particular, the roll-bar, in high-performance aluminium, is highlighted by its titanium-colour anodized finish, which enhances the unit’s visual appearance. 

The Rollbar helmet was designed for use with large earphones that offer a high degree of noise reduction. A special neoprene ear protector, supplied as an optional accessory, further increases the helmet’s comfort (see The Turbo Skip below). The earphones can be quickly and easily removed at any time.

In flight, the sensation provided by Rollbar is that of a full-face helmet, but with improved vision, and excellent protection against the cold.


  • S (56cm)
  • M (58cm)
  • L (60cm)
  • XL (62cm)
  • XXL (64cm)

The size of a helmet is always described by the inner circumference of the internal padding. The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.

The size number corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.

Interchangeable internal padding

This helmet has a fixed luxury internal padding that can be replaced by larger or smaller padding pieces, thus varying the helmet size. The important advantage: you can easily remove the padding and replace it with a new one or just wash it.

If the helmet is not a perfect fit, we can arrange for a free new internal padding to be sent to you*.

*Shipping charge may be applicable.

Rollbar visor

The Rollbar Visor comes in 3 versions (transparent, tinted brown and mirror*) gives you great visibility both open and closed. It can be easily locked onto the Rollbar, thus avoiding that it opens at high velocities. Moreover the strong visor helps to protect the face like an integral helmet.

The Rollbar helmet includes either the transparent or tinted brown Rollbar Visor in the price. Therefore when order your Rollbar helmet through our website it will automatically deduct the cost of the transparent or tinted brown visor in the checkout before you make payment. The mirror visor is more expensive so you will be charged the difference in price for this.

*Please note: the mirror visor is very delicate; it very easily scratched.

The turbo skip

The turbo skip avoids that the air flow can enter from the under side of the helmet and create annoying turbolences between the eyes and the visor. It is fixed on the rollbar and can easily be replaced.

The turbo skip comes in two versions:

  • Turbo Skip Short is a standard feature on all rollbar helmets
  • Turbo Skip Long with a zipper (optional instead of the short one)

One size fits all option (only at order time)

Four basic internal paddings are adapted to the four sizes, adjusted by the wheel regulator at the back of the helmet. The internal paddings can be replaced by larger or smaller internal padding pieces, thus varying the helmet size.

You choose which size of internal padding you need for a safe head fit. This can be changed in case a different size is needed. The important advantage: you can easily remove the padding and replace it with a new one or just wash it.

NB: We suggest this option only for tandem pilots who fly with different-sized tandem passengers, as the interchangeable internal padding is more comfortable.

Adjustable steel wire sidepieces with luxury chin strap

Adjustable plastic-coated stainless steel wire sidepieces with luxury chin strap.

NB: The pictures show the system applied at the Scarab helmet. The system is the same on the Rollbar helmet.

Certification E.N. 966 

The Scarab helmet has the same shape as the Rollbar helmet but without the rollbar feature. Therefore there is only one unique certification for both models.

All our helmets have been tested and certified by CSI, a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport and recognized by the German TUV. 

This company issues certification for all helmets manufactured in Italy, including ours, which are designed especially for free flight, in accordance with European standards (EN 966). 

Our helmets were designed and built specifically to be as light as possible. However they optimize safety for hang glider and paraglider pilots, as shown by the information above.


  • Helmet (including the visor) 1100 grams +/- 50 grams
  • Ear defendeers Peltor Op II 230 grams (just to filter out engine noise)
  • Electronic headsets with cable approx. 390 grams

The weight of a fiber glass helmet has a tolerance of +/- 50 grams due to the glue applied and to the thickness of the fiber glass layers.

Icaro helmet bag

We include an Icaro helmet bag with all Icaro helmets.

Ear defenders or electronic headsets (optional extra)

For information about Icaro2000 ear defenders (ear cups) and electronic headsets* see here.

*Including details about the various options, microphones, booms, speakers and cables, radio bands (2 meter or aviation), softgel option and radio and headset compatibility.

Icaro Helmets Manual

Download the user manual and maintenance guide for all Icaro 2000 helmets:

Icaro 2000 Extreme Sports Helmets User Manual (PDF file, approx 166 KB)

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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