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Upgrade Naviter Oudie 4 Basic software to Oudie 4.

Upgrading the Oudie 4 Basic software to Oudie 4 unlocks the full software functionality of the Oudie 4: competitions, FAI triangle assistant, and more. 

Since this is purely a software upgrade, which requires entering a unique upgrade key in to your Oudie 4 Basic, there is no need to send your Oudie 4 Basic anywhere for this to be done.

To complete the upgrade we need:

  1. Software serial number of the Oudie 4 Basic, which can be found at Menu > Next > About > Serial number. (Note this is not the hardware serial number on the outside of the unit.)
  2. Pilot's Full Name.
  3. Payment.

Once we have all of the above then we can generate the unique upgrade key for your Oudie 4 Basic, which we'll email to you. Enter this key into your Oudie 4 Basic (Menu > Next > About) to convert it to Oudie 4.

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Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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