Naviter Upgrade Oudie 4 Basic to Oudie 4 Full (New)



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Naviter Upgrade Oudie 4 Basic to Oudie 4 Full purchased after March 2019.

Original Oudie 4 Basic or to Oudie 4 Full:

Unlocks full software functionality of the Oudie 4 (Competitions, FAI Triangles and much more)

To complete the upgrade:

  • You'll need to enter your Oudie serial number in the text field provided to be able to add to basket and proceed to checkout.

What about shipping and shipping costs?

For reasons of transparency and flexibility, shipping costs are not included in the upgrade cost.

You will have to post your Oudie to Flybubble (see below). We will then forward it on to Naviter in Slovenia for the upgrade to be carried out.

You will also have to pay towards the shipping costs from Flybubble to Naviter in Slovenia. Flybubble subsidises this shipping cost. To keep shipping costs down, and ensure operational efficiency, Flybubble will send units due for an upgrade to Naviter in batches. Once the upgrades have been completed, Naviter will return upgraded units in batches to Flybubble.

Since some pilots prefer to collect their upgraded Oudie from us, the upgrade cost does not include return shipping to you. If you’d like your upgraded Oudie to be shipped back to you, we can, of course, arrange this too. The shipping cost for an unboxed (but well packaged and protected!) Oudie from us to a UK mainland address is £9.

If you need your Oudie returned to you urgently then Naviter charge 30 euros to ship from Slovenia to the UK. Let us know if you require this special service when you place your upgrade order, and we will inform Naviter. They will then contact you to collect payment before returning your Oudie.

How long will the upgrade take i.e. how long will I be without my beloved Oudie?

Anticipating high demand, Naviter estimates that pilots should allow for a 2-3 week turnaround. However, this may vary depending on how busy they are at the time.

To avoid the possibility of being without your beloved Oudie when you might want to use it, and so everyone doesn’t want them upgraded all at once, Naviter recommends that pilots should wait until they know they won’t be flying for a few weeks to allow for unforeseeable delays. Of course, Naviter will do their utmost to turn your instrument around as quickly as possible.

I’ve got a deadline e.g. holiday or competition. Should I wait?

If you’ve got a deadline, for example, a holiday or competition, then make sure you check with us (Flybubble) before sending us your Oudie 3 or 3+ for upgrading to Oudie 4. It might be best to wait until you don’t have an urgent deadline within a few weeks.

I want to back up my personal data on my Oudie before sending. How do I do that?

Follow the instructions here.

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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