All Flight Instruments

All flight instruments including varios (variometers), alti-varios (varios with altimeter but no GPS) and alti-vario-GPS combos (varios with altimeter and GPS) for paragliding, hang gliding, free flight, powered paragliding (PPG), paramotoring, powered hang gliding and hot-air ballooning.

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  • Syride SYS'One V3

    Syride SYS'One V3

    SYS'One V3 is a micro vario with sound and led. Essential for hiking or trips.
  • Fairhaven Micro Vario

    Fairhaven Micro Vario

    The Fairhaven Micro Vario is designed for paragliding, hang gliding and paramotor pilots who want great flights with the minimum of equipment.
  • Fairhaven Micro Alti Plus

    Fairhaven Micro Alti Plus

    The Fairhaven Micro Alti Plus is a wrist or riser mounted altimeter packed with features, combined with a super sensitive vario with really loud audio. For paragliding, hang gliding and paramotor pilots.
  • Flymaster VARIO LS

    Flymaster VARIO LS

    Light. Slim. Simple. Affordable.

    The VARIO LS is a basic, easy to use affordable flight instrument developed with paragliding beginners in mind, or advanced paraglider pilots who just want to keep it simple.

  • Flymaster VARIO SD

    Flymaster VARIO SD

    Engineered for Simplicity.

    The VARIO SD is the ultimate flight instrument specially built for pilots which do not need navigation functions.

  • Flytec Element Alto

    Flytec Element Alto

    Element Alto is right for you if you are looking for a simple, robust and reliable vario.
  • Syride SYS'Alti V3

    Syride SYS'Alti V3

    SYS'Alti V3 is an alti-vario with G-meter, ideal for beginners. One of the latest ultra-lightweight flight instruments from Syride, it has a high resolution pressure sensor and all the expected features of an altimeter-variometer, at a reasonable price.
  • Flytec Element Speed

    Flytec Element Speed

    Element Speed is right for you if you are looking for a simple, robust and reliable vario with essential GPS features.
  • Syride SYS'GPS V3

    Syride SYS'GPS V3

    SYS'GPS V3 is an alti-vario-GPS with G-meter, perfect for fun flying. One of the latest ultra-lightweight flight instruments from Syride, it's an altimeter-variometer-GPS which includes latest technologies, unique features and a fully customizable screen.
  • Flymaster GPS SD

    Flymaster GPS SD

    Engineered for Easy Navigation

    The GPS SD is the ideal instrument for flying non-competition XC flights. It has built in airspace avoidance and many other functions for optimising a great XC flight.

  • Syride SYS'Nav V3

    Syride SYS'Nav V3

    SYS'Nav V3 is an alti-vario-GPS flight instrument with G-meter. Lightweight, powerful, practical and affordable, it is a great option for cross country flying and can also be used for competitions.
  • Flytec Element Track - front oblique view

    Flytec Element Track

    Element Track is right for you if you need a robust and reliable device for your cross-country flights with basic airspace warnings.
  • Flymaster M1

    Flymaster M1

    The Flymaster M1 turns any Flymaster flight instrument into an onboard motor management system for powered aircraft. The M1 Motor gathers information precisely from several sensors connected to the motor, recording this data and sending it via an RF interface to Flymaster instruments.
  • Flymaster NAV SD

    Flymaster NAV SD

    Engineered for maximum performance

    The NAV SD is designed for the competition pilot, having all the bells and whistles fly comps fast and effectively but without the Live tracking functions.

  • Flymaster GPS SD+

    Flymaster GPS SD+

    Engineered for Easy Navigation and Safety

    The GPS SD+ is the ultimate Flymaster flight instrument for pilots wanting to fly XC and have the proven live tracking functions of the renowned LIVE SD.

  • Flymaster GPS SD 3G

    Flymaster GPS SD 3G

    Designed for maximum performance and safety

    The GPS SD 3G is the ultimate Flymaster flight instrument specially built for competition and XC pilots with worldwide livetracking. Now equipped with the latest global 3G GSM modules. So now more pilots in more regions can enjoy the fantastic power of the proven Flymaster Livetracking technology.

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