USB Cable (Standard A to Mini-B)



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Standard A to mini-B USB cable.

Suitable for any electronic device with a mini-B USB connection. For example, this cable is suitable for all of the following flight instruments (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Aircotec XC-Trainer Easy; Aircotec XC-Trainer Easy Plus; Aircotec XC-Trainer; Aircotec XC-Trainer Dual; Aircotec XC-Trainer 3DG*
  • Brauniger IQ One+; Brauniger IQ-BASIC-GPS; Brauniger Competino+; Brauniger Compeo+
  • Flytec 6010; Flytec 6015; Flytec 6020; Flytec 6030
  • Naviter Oudie 3

* Please note that some of the Aircotec models listed above may have the original mini 5 polig cable (round head with 5 pins) and this cable is not suitable for this. Please see: Aircotec XC-PC - PC Cable for XC-Trainer and also if you don't have a serial port then you may need: Aircotec XC-USB-RS232-Convert - Serial To USB Converter For XC-Trainer.

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Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
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