Phil Clark (Flybubble Team Pilot)

Phil is an experienced pilot from SE London, originally from Bristol. He grew up in South Wales where he started his own flying having followed his HG pilot father around the hills of the UK for over a decade.

He moved around the UK through the 90s before getting married to Heather. He now has two young sons, works for the ambulance service in London and he likes flying. Very much. Especially playing among the clouds.

He organises the coaching within the Dover club.

Club: Dover & Folkestone HGC, Southern HGC, Thames Valley HGC and Dunstable

Flying Since: 1989

Total Hours Flown: 850

Best Distance: 55-60km in the UK (in 1995 I ran out of land and had to lose 4,000ft over Oxwich Bay on the Gower)

Best Flight: Goal on the 1st task of the Nordics 2012

Favourite Site (World): Ager

Favourite Site (UK): Heol Senni

Wing: Advance Omega 8

Harness: Advance Lightness

Reserve: Supair light

Instruments: Flymaster Live

Other kit: Icaro 4fight helmet

Goal: Having a young family means I have big time constraints so just being in the air is often enough for me.

It’d be great to fly 200km in the UK but I’d get just as much out of a 50km triangle and even then it doesn’t matter if I do neither of those and that lets me enjoy my flying without thinking I’m failing in any way.

Linking climbs and joining the dots is the thing I try to do most, climbing out of ridge lift and then leaving the thermal to find another and climb again before needing the ridge lift. That’s the foundation of XC flying, so if I can keep that skill honed when I get the chance it’ll still be second nature.

I guess my long term goal is to be someone that others want to fly with — I think that’s the one that matters most of all.

Media Links: Instagram | Facebook | videos on Vimeo and YouTube