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In this growing gear guides section we collect information about freeflight equipment, gear reviews, safety notices and product tips. To find what you're looking for, choose a subsection below or use the Knowledge Base menu.

Buying advice

An overview of paragliding gear to help you make the right choice, including our series of articles on choosing the right wing, harness, reserve, instrument and connectors, weight ranges, harness selection and fitting, how we match pilots to equipment and final product checks. Read our buying advice

To start, you might find our series of articles on choosing the right equipment particularly useful:

Also watch our accompanying series of videos on how to choose the right paraglider:

Wing reviews

We stock a wide range of wings in various sizes which means that, as well as being able to offer you demos to fly, we can thoroughly test them and compare them against each other. In our reviews we focus on handling, security and matching the wing to the right kind of pilots. Read our wing reviews

Watch our wing review videos:

Harness reviews

We analyse the newest harnesses from a pilot's perspective. We also have brand new trial harnesses in our showroom, available to hang in during a custom fitting session. Read our harness reviews

Watch our harness review videos:

Instrument reviews

Finding the right flight instrument is mostly about identifying your information needs and matching those with the functionality of the units on offer. It's one thing being able to operate an instrument on the desk in front of you, quite another thing to do so in the air while being lofted by sporty spring thermals. Read our instrument reviews

Watch our instrument review videos:

Accessory reviews

Tests of all free flight gear other than wings, harnesses or instruments e.g. paragliding backpacks, flight accessories or helmets. Remember to use the Blog Search to find articles linked to a particular product name, or the search on the Shop page to find product information. Read our accessory reviews

Watch our accessory review videos:

Product tips

Here we dive into the details of specific products and offer walk-throughs and usage guides. You'll find things like tips on flight instruments and other equipment How To's here. Read our product tips

Watch our product tips videos:

Safety notices

Keeping you up to date with important notifications issued by our manufacturers about product defects, unexpected problems and simple solutions. If we supplied it, we're here to help you sort it out! Read our safety notice posts

Info pages

Information pages relating to products, technical definitions, servicing and paragliding technology, and sizing guides for shoes and gloves. Read our information pages

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