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This small ultralight rucksack has plenty of room inside, convenient for general use.
  • Weight: 52 grams
  • Size: ~ H 400 x W 220 x D 160 mm
  • Volume: ~ 14 L

The LIGHTBAG is made from paraglider material, and comes in a selection of random colour schemes.

When folded and stowed in its own sewn-in bag, it fits anywhere: in a jacket, trouser pocket, handbag.

Note: The colour scheme is random therefore there is no colour choice.

Advance LIGHTBAG review by Flybubble

The Advance Lightbag is a small rucksack made of wing material which weighs just 52 grams. There are a few pieces of paragliding equipment that I wouldn’t leave home without and this is one of them.

If you plan on going cross country, you’re going to be walking sooner or later (unless you have a very reliable retrieve driver in your life) and the more comfortable the walk is, the less ground-suck you will feel when passing over that convenient train station.


I use a Lightbag as a papoose on my front, moving as much weight out of my wing bag and into it as possible. This means it tends to fill up to its full capacity, carrying spare clothes, electronics, heated gloves, camera equipment, food, water etc.

Walking around with all the weight on your back is energy sapping, moving 3 (or 5 kg’s with a water bladder) from back to front makes a massive difference in the amount of effort required to stand upright and makes all the difference on a long walk out, transforming it from being a huge chore to just another enjoyable part of the flying experience.


I also like the accessibility of being able to reach food, water, phone etc. whilst walking without having to put down and pick up all of my gear to do so.

I guess you could argue that any similar sized rucksack would work for this purpose, but my Ozium harness is very short on space so the very low packed volume of this bag is as much of a benefit as the light weight.

Advance Lightbag folded up

Practically speaking, the Advance Lightbag is made of wing material so it’s not going to be the most durable piece of equipment you’ll own, but on the other hand it is easy to repair with a pre-glued wing patch. When I slipped on a steep slope and ripped a hole in it, I could repair it there and then in only 5 minutes with the wing repair kit I carry. So far, I’ve had it for 3 years and it should be good for another year or two. At a purchase price of only £16, that’s just over £3 a year for a massive amount of use value.

Downsides are the durability as mentioned, plus the straps tend to slip – I could fix this with a few cross stitches in the strapping but I’ve not bothered, instead I just pull them up every hour or so.

When light weight kit is a priority, this bag is an essential and when this one wears out I’ll be buying another one. For me, despite a couple of shortcomings, this bag still rates a 10 out of 10 for being so useful.

Real men use an Advance Lightbag

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