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SKIN, A simple surface glider as easy to fly as an entry level school wing but designed for pilots looking to pursue daring adventures. Able to take off from any spot, blessed with superb landing abilities land and as efficient and performant as all other Niviuk gliders. The versatility of the new Skin glider will surprise you.

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Single surface

The Skin is a single surface glider that will captivate you for its design and behavior. Rediscover the purest flying feeling.

Together everywhere

Lightweight and so compact, the Skin will travel with you wherever your adventures will lead you and be ready to fly without a moment's notice. The adventure is at your fingertips!

Set the difference

A fun mode glider, different from the rest and a challenge to those who want to experience new sensations. Inflate it, accelerate it and have fun!

More about Skin

Is it possible for a simple surface to have the same performance a normal glider does? Is it possible for it to be as easy to fly as an entry level school wing? Is it possible for a glider to give a new meaning to the definition of free flying joy?

If you are an adventurous hike&fly passionate mountaineer, you will find the Skin to be the perfect lightweight ultra compact companion to carry with you anywhere. Its effortless inflations with or without wind, take off abilities from just about any spot, followed by superior flight handling and soft precise landings make it a serious wing choice to consider by many pilots

But the Skin is not only a descent wing; it will surprise you by its climbing abilities in thermals, gliding and speed (12 cm speed bar travel). Those assets make the Skin a very enjoyable, safe and very stable glider for all pilot levels in various flight conditions.

Try it, discover it and be thrilled! The adventure is at your fingertips!

How is it possible for such a small wing without intrados (lower surface) to be so diverse?

The answer is primarily due to the incorporation of five closed cells on the intrados, reinforcing the overall surface structure and dispersing the air flow evenly.

These cells are also the primary cause for a really short and progressive take off, as well as for a great speed range and efficiency.

Its added benefits derive from using the SLE, DRS and the new Titanium technologies combines with classic materials and the revolutionary Nitinol used for the internal glider structure. Positively effecting various areas of the wing by keeping its profile under constant cloth tension, the Nitinol facilitating unrestricted airflow over the wing's surface for better performance. This also gives us the opportunity to design lighter wings and less affected by the packing procedure, thus the Nitinol is impervious to deformations, hot temperatures, breaks. The Skin is a must have compact glider with minimal weight!

The lower main lines of the Skin are sheathed, the uppers unsheathed.

Technologies Skin

SLE (Structured Leading Edge)

The SLE provides more rigidity and stability along the span of leading edge but also allows full flexibility along the both the vertical and horizontal axis of each open cell. The SLE ensures ease of movement on the ground and high security in the air during turbulence and whilst flying at speed.

With the SLE system there is no longer a need to use large amounts of mylar material to achieve leading edge reinforcement. This reduction in material has reduced the weight of the leading edge and the result is precise handling on the ground and easier launches. The SLE also helps to prevent deformation of the leading edge mylars and therefore with correct care will extend the life and efficiency of your glider.

In addition to the SLE, we work on new geometry and layout of the internal reinforcement. This new internal re structuring offers better overall cohesion of the glider and incredible stability during turbulence.

DRS (Drag Reduction Structure)

With the Drag reduction Structure technology, the trailing edge has been reinforced with small ribs that that makes this part of the glider flatter in order to spread the pressure out evenly. It means better air-flow and less drag on this important part of the glider.

The addition of these small ribs gives the glider exceptional handling (better and more efficient when turning) and more control and precision. We are convinced that the key to achieve better products is the innovation. Only if we go on looking for new possibilities, we will be able to reach our main goal: enhance the experience of the pilots.

Pilot's opinion

Didier Goujon - France
The Skin is pure wonder! Solid, extremely light, with a simple line layout for an easy setup and docile inflation. No wind needed to bring it overhead before an immediate no stress takeoff which is an asset on tight mountainous terrains. Playful and precise in flight. Rolls and pitch are limited. It has a very good speed and glide, and hence a beautiful toy to have for all mountaineering trips or trekking adventures.

Basilio Silva - Spain
I’ve tried other single surface gliders, but although they always had positive aspects, they also had big disadvantages in terms of performance. The Skin, on the contrary, mixes really good performance with easy handling and lightness. A combination never seen before!

Technical data





cells number   39 39 39
  box   39 39 39
flat area m2 16 18 20
  span m 9.38 9.95 10.5
projected aspect ratio 5.5 5.5 5.5
  area m2 13.5 15.2 16.9
  span m 7.46 7.92 8.34
  aspect ratio 4.13 4.13 4.13
flattening % 15 15 15
cord maximum m 2.11 2.24 2.37
  minimum m 0.44 0.46 0.49
  average m 1.71 1.81 1.9
lines total meters m 356 378 399
  height m 5.9 6.3 6.6
  number   388 388 388
  main   3/3/4/2 3/3/4/2 3/3/4/2
risers number 4 A/B/C/D A/B/C/D A/B/C/D
  trims m/m NO NO NO
  accelerator m/m 120 120 120
total weight min-max kg 60-85 70-95 85-110
glider weight kg 2.3 2.6 2.9
certification   EN-926-1 EN-926-1 EN-926-1

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Flybubble's Niviuk Skin P Review by Greg Hamerton

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Condition New
EN Certification EN 926-1 Load Test
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Model Status Past model

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