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Flying should be fun. If you make ten flights a day as a professional tandem pilot - where efficiency, economy and passenger safety share priority – flying is often hard work. In the BIBETA 6 Advance has managed to achieve the difficult objective of packing the best of current tandems into one product – with no compromise: fun all round - all day.


Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B



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Technical data




Flat surface (m2) 38.1 40.8
Recommended takeoff weight (kg) 100-180 120-225
Glider weight (kg) 6.7 6.95
Aspect ratio 5.45 5.45
Projected aspect ratio 4 4
Number of cells 53 53
Number of risers 3+1 3+1
Certification EN / LTF B EN / LTF B
Max length of the risers (cm) 32 32
Trimmers yes yes


Standard colours: White, Red or Acid

Optional, multi-adjustable spreaders

Four different spreaders are available as options for the BIBETA 6: rigid, soft, soft-adjustable and soft-adjustable with Quickouts. The soft spreaders have three different carabiner hang points, and the pilot of this version can also alter his height relative to that of his passenger.


  • Comfort pack 130L
  • Comfort Pack 145L

BIBETA 6 - More fun at work

"As well as at light weight the BIBETA 6 is also very manoeuvrable at the top of its weight range, and, with careful braking, can be circled very flat just as well in a thermal."

- Dino Scheidegger, cross country crack and professional tandem pilot. 6000-7000 tandem flights

Developed, tried and tested together with tandem professionals

For the first time, commercial tandem pilots were closely involved in the development process of a BIBETA design. Together with several professional pilots from companies operating in the Interlaken tandem Mecca Advance defined the best individual takeoff, in-flight handling and landing qualities of current tandems as the benchmark criteria. During a long test programme, BIBETA 6 prototypes were tried out in everyday use by Advance's extended development team, and the intricate feedback obtained reworked into the design until each desired criterion had been not only achieved but exceeded. At the end, the professionals had only one question: when can we get one?

From only 6.7 kg, but strong and long-lived

The BIBETA 6 is a completely new design and now comes in two sizes, 38 and 41. Line sorting is a breeze. Give the three-liner risers a shake and the lines separate; sorting is quickly done. The canopy rises evenly without overshooting, and passenger and pilot are soon airborne. In-flight the BIBETA 6 responds directly and precisely to the smallest brake input. Comfortable brake loading and perfect flare behaviour complete the satisfying experience. Reinforced sliced diagonals, crossing rods in the leading edge, broad-gauge lines and strengthened support points give this working tandem a specially long life. But despite the strong design the wing packs up small and weighs a sensationally low 6.95 kg for the 41.

High strength Magix Pro Aramid lines

The BIBETA 6 mostly has uncovered Magix Pro Aramid lines by Edelrid, the German high-quality maker. New technology and complex finishing processes give this High-End product 20 % more strength, 17 % better kink and bending resistance as well as longer life – compared to equivalent covered lines. The Aramid lines are extremely stable in length and easy to sort by their colour coding. Their outstanding resistance to water and dust means that they do not need special handling. Detailed information about the lines can be found in the Line Guide.

"Fun at work is important. With the BIBETA 6 I have it!"

- Stefan Wyss, Interlaken, World Cup winner 2015 & professional tandem pilot. 5.000 tandem flights


Colour coding

To make line sorting easier the BIBETA 6 A and brake lines are identified by different colours (grey and red) at the risers. Big ear lines, stabilo lines and the much-handled brake lines have a section of coloured cover running up from the riser end.

Twice coated

Edelrid Magix Pro lines differ from other uncovered versions because they undergo a detailed Thermo Shield treatment and have an additional UV-Protec-Coating, which filters out the sun’s damaging UV light. These finishing processes prolong life, provide resistance to dust and water, and, at the same time, minimise the loss of strength caused by UV radiation.

Very stable length

Compared with Dyneema, Aramid lines, in general, change their lengths very little. Edelrid “Magix Pro” demonstrates minimal stretching and shrinking – within a maximum of 0.2 % - and this line has excellent return-to-original properties. Experience shows that paragliders, fully lined with Edelrid “Magix Pro”, do not require retrimming for very long periods. Original flying characteristics are retained even after much intensive use.

Robust dimensions

The use of “Magix Pro” for the BIBETA 6 does not put performance alone at the forefront. Line thickness is similar to that of traditional covereds. This measurement results in considerably higher strength for the same diameter, because the whole cross-section shares the load – not just the core. The broad gauge of “Magix Pro” lines delivers longer life compared to similar thickness covered lines.

Inner loop reinforcement

Every BIBETA line has internal loop reinforcement. To achieve this a length of the same line is spliced inside a loop, increasing its line diameter, and thus the surface area of loop to loop contact. This reduces pressure where the thin line meets thicker and avoids the problem of the thin line cutting into the other.

Outer loop reinforcement

Baseline loops also have external covers to minimise wear where they meet their quick link.


Big ears with Vary-Grip

Split A-risers make big ears easy. Each outer A line can be held in a jam cleat on the back of its C-riser. BIBETA 6 ears can stay folded without pilot assistance, for as long as needed, thus saving the arm muscles. At the same time, the wing can be steered normally by brake; or the pilot could take advantage of hands-free flight for some photography.

Brake line guides adjustable for height

There are two loops on each BIBETA 6 C-riser so that brake line guide position can suit the pilot’s height and arms. A brake line guide can easily be removed and re-looped in the new position. The guide can also be looped on the C-riser quick link for a third, very high position. After changing a guide position the brake line length (brake handle knot) should be altered accordingly – up or down as required.

Three riser levels

The BIBETA 6 three riser levels are easy to distinguish. This simplifies sorting before takeoff – a quick shake and the lines separate themselves - sorting is as good as done. Three risers also contribute to BIBETA 6 weight reduction.

New brake handle magnets

New plastic-coated magnets hold the brake handles in their correct position on the risers during flight, in case you want to film or photograph with free hands. Tandem professionals can then immediately have the brakes in the hands when they need them.


The BIBETA 6 has trimmers which provide a speed increase of about 6 kph, giving the pilot a useful safety speed reserve against a strong wind. Open trims together with big ears (Vary-Grip) is a comfortable and considerate way to descend with a passenger when necessary.

"The BIBETA 6 inflates very well, comes up well, doesn’t overshoot and, above all, lifts off early."

- Dominik Wicki, Interlaken, Extreme sportsman & professional tandem pilot. 8.000 tandem flights.


Upper surface Porcher Sport Skytex 38 Universal
Lower surface Dominico DOKDO
Profile line Porcher Sport Skytex 40 hard finish
Profile without line Porcher Sport Skytex 32 Hard
Leading-edge Porcher Sport Skytex 38 Universal
Designstripe Porcher Sport Skytex 38 Universal
galery lines Edelrid A-8000U-190/130/090/070/050
brake lines Edelrid A-8000U-190/130/090
Steering line Edelrid A-7850-240
main lines Edelrid A-8000U-360/230
Risers Polyester 22mm, 1100kg
Carabiner Peguet for strap 25mm, SST (#30013)


"The BIBETA 6 is impressive because of its precise and comfortably-loaded handling – even in turbulent conditions in turbulence – and definitely makes light work of centering a thermal."

- Marcel Schmid, Luzern, Tandem cross country champion & professional tandem pilot. 4.000 tandem flights.

Advance BIBETA 6 reviews

"I think this tandem wing is without doubt the best performing of the EN B certified tandem paragliders I've tried so far. In every flight you can see that the BIBETA 6 has a plus in glide and speed. This performance is highly beneficial, especially when you need to make the most out of marginal conditions or when you are doing flights in which you need to overcome difficult hurdles... " "... the behaviour, piloting and performance of the BIBETA 6 is more like the IOTA [solo wing] than the previous BIBETA." "The BIBETA 6 weighs only 6.9 kg and is the first tandem with three risers. It has a new type of ultra-resistant unsheathed lines with a line reduction of 16% compared to BIBETA 5 which, in addition to improving performance, means less tangles and easier sorting." "On the other hand I have to say that its handling is more like a solo wing. It has a noble, direct and sporty turn but if you really want to squeeze the maximum performance out of it you need to adapt." "Once I understood this the flights were getting better and better, even climbing hand in hand with top-of-the-line, solo wings."

 - Daniel Crespo, Ojo Volador

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Condition New
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model