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Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN B, EN C

LTF Certification: LTF B, LTF C, LTF 23-05 Paramotor

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The Advance EPSILON 7 was superseded by the Advance EPSILON 8.

The new EPSILON 7 leisure intermediate impresses by its compactness, combined with outstanding performance. Exceptionally straightforward and precise handling makes this elegant wing the perfect glider for recreational thermaling pilots.

Technical data






Flat surface






Projected surface






Recommended takeoff weight **






Increased takeoff weight ***





130-145 (C)

Glider weight






Aspect ratio


Trim speed *


38 (+/- 2)

Max. speed *


51 (+/- 2)



* values depend on wing loading, harness/pilot and glider size within the recommended take off weight ranges
** pilot, wing, equipment (weights in kg)
*** for dynamic flying and/or basic acro manoeuvres (weights in kg)


EPSILON 7 - complete pleasure

This is what happens when a combination of apparent opposites leads to a successful outcome. The new EPSILON 7 leisure intermediate impresses by its compactness, combined with outstanding performance. Exceptionally straightforward and precise handling makes this elegant wing the perfect glider for recreational thermaling pilots.


The EPSILON 7 looks compact, but doesn’t pay in performance – quite the opposite: it’s the latest technology that gives the EPSILON 7 enormous performing possibilities. A new 2-level-line-concept with 3 risers, but many fewer lines and suspension points, accounts for this huge performance upgrade.


Very precise and direct EPSILON 7 handling is a delight. This results from a completely fresh look at the relationship between wingspan and line length – and a new generation profile. Also helping out with the direct and precise handling was a new look at brake line set-up; and less canopy inertia.


The EPSILON 7 is a fully finished, widely capable recreational intermediate; easy to manage in turbulence and extreme situations, with high passive safety. The new profile geometry gives the EPSILON 7 distinctive pitch stability, and this keeps the pilot feeling comfortable and happy, all the time – especially in turbulent air.

Extended weight range

the EPSILON 7 has been certified with a wider weight range, so that the wing can be used to fly dynamic freestyle manoeuvres. The upper boundary of the 23 goes up by 10 kg, the 26 and 28 sizes can carry another 15 kg. This raises the range of use to additionally cater for a young, freestyle and acro-stoked section of the public. The EPSILON 7 still keeps its EN B clas- sification in this expanded weight range - further testament to the wing’s high passive safety.

Redesigned risers

SPI (Speed-Performance-Indicator) with three indicated positions:
The SPI is not just an easy way for the pilot to decide the best speed to fly. It can also help the pilot to perfectly set up the speed system in the ADVANCE harness hanger.

Two-phase speed system:
By moving the position of the ball the changeo- ver position from 3:1 to 2:1 gearing can be altered. The speedbar travel and load can then be best suited to the pilot’s dimensions - leg length in particular.

Harken speed system ball bearing pulleys:
These high quality pulleys reduce the speedbar load and make the system easier and freer to push.

Sympathetic riser lengths:
The smaller wings have shorter risers because smaller people tend to fly smaller gliders – and very likely have shorter arms. This principle provides a better braking and steering position for pilots of different heights.

Suitable brake handle sizes:
By the same token the different riser lengths have suitably sized brake handles, to provide a perfect fit for the hands.


The EPSILON 7 is delivered with the new COMFORTPACK 2 rucksack. Paragliders and harnesses are getting more compact and lighter, and we want to offer pilots suitable rucksacks to go with them. So we have further improved the popular COMFORTPACK and matched the volumes to our range of products. This work results in the COMFORTPACK 2; produced in 4 sizes; 100L, 115L, 130L and 145L. The new COMFORTPACKs come in one colour: chocolate with vivid blue.

As standard each size of Epsilon 7 is automatically delivered with the following size Comfortpack 2 rucksack*:

  • EPSILON 7 size 23 = 115L
  • EPSILON 7 size 26 = 115L
  • EPSILON 7 size 28 = 130L
  • EPSILON 7 size 31 = 130L

*If you want a different size Comfortpack 2 rucksack with your Epsilon 7 than standard then please specify this when you place your Epsilon 7 order.


Leading edge Skytex 38 Universal 9017 E25, 38 g/m2
Upper surface Skytex 38 Universal 9017 E25, 38 g/m2
Lower surface DOMINICO DOKDO-20MF, 34 gr/m2
Ribs Skytex 40 Hard 9017 E29, 40 g/m2
Internal partitions Skytex 40 Hard 9017 E29, 40 g/m2
Leading and trailing edge reinforcements Polyester laminiert 20 mm
Lower leading edge reinforcements Polyamid 16 mm
Lines Edelrid Aramid 7343-280/230/190/140, covered, 1.8 / 1.7 / 1.5 /1.3 mm (Base lines)
Edelrid Aramid 8000/U, 90/70/50, uncovered, 0.8 / 0.7 / 0.5 mm (upper storey)
Liros Dyneema, DSL 70 / DFL 115, covered, 0.95 / 1.3 mm (Brake lines)
Liros Dyneema, DFLP 232, covered1,9 mm (brake lines)
Quick links Maillon Rapide, Inox stainless, 3.5 mm S12

Test reports

Test reports EN

Test reports LTF


Standard colours: Aubergine, Azur, Gold, Red, White.

Custom colours: Choose your custom colours here and then email us these to us with your order. There is an extra cost for custom colour orders, with full payment is required in advance, and these cannot be cancelled. Expected delivery time is 6-8 weeks, but could take longer.


Because of its good takeoff qualities, high stability and compactness the EPSILON 7 is ideally suitable for paramotoring. We recommend the optional Hybrid-Risers, which can also be used for flight without the motor.

An EPSILON 7 can either be re-equipped as a paramotor (by retrospectively changing the standard free flight risers for the optional Hybrid-Risers), or ordered with the Hybrid-risers already fitted. Please confirm which option you want when you place your order.


The hybrid-risers have trimmers which can be used in flight to counteract the turning effect of the motor. For flight without the motor the trim loops can be hooked into the main carabiners, so as to keep the EN/LTF certification status. The hybrid risers also have a speed- bar system. The speedbar may only be used with trimmers closed, or with a minimal asymmetric trim setting required to counter the turning effect of the motor.


Provided that it is equipped with the hybrid-risers appropriate to the glider size the EPSILON 7 has LTF 23-05 and DGAC certification for sizes 26, 28 and 30 as well as EN/LTF 926-2 certification for paraglider flight.

LTF 23-05 / DGAC* EN/LTF **
EPSILON 7/26 105 – 128 kg 75 – 110 kg
EPSILON 7/28 113 – 140 kg 85 – 125 kg
EPSILON 7/30 120 – 148 kg 100 – 130 kg

* pilot, wing, equipment including motor ** pilot, wing, equipment

LTF 23-05 (by EAPR)


Compatible motors

The necessary test flights were carried out with the Adventure X-Race-Motor. Other types of motor can be approved by the manufacturer subject to a compatibility/handling test having been carried out.


Advance Epsilon 7 paraglider reviews

Watch the Advance Epsilon 7 paraglider review video by Flybubble:

Attractive, well-built, solid, but competitive EN B. Worth the long wait!

- David Southern, Skywings Magazine (full review).

ADVANCE chose to make the pilot’s life simpler! The manufacturing quality and all the small details are quite obvious. ADVANCE remains at the top of the quality and we can see it, feel it, touch it!

Pre-flighting the glider and sorting the lines is easy, the few lines untangle with ease. Inflation is very simple, you can use any method, they all work easily.

My first turns with the new EPSILON 7, show immediately the excellent handling, quick response, short light brake travel. The wing is altogether more efficient and performs better than its predecessor. Light speed system, easy to use, max speed 50kmh, and can be used easily in turbulent air. Big Ears, with the extra riser tab, really easy with immediate reopening.

Max Glide 9.3 in calm air, but the more importantly the wing is stable and extremely efficient in turbulent air.

Once again a really likeable wing, with high performance, yet accessible to all pilots. The aspect ratio is smaller than the EPSILON 6, but with increased performance and efficiency. Great work from the ADVANCE R&D team, who continue to deliver excellent products.

- Philippe Lami, Parapente Mag (full review in French)

More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN B, EN C
LTF Certification LTF B, LTF C, LTF 23-05 Paramotor
Other Certification DGAC
Model Status Past model