Advance EPSILON 8 Motor (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B


The Advance EPSILON 8 was superseded by the Advance EPSILON 9.

Due to its excellent takeoff qualities, high stability, damped behaviour and compactness the EPSILON 8 is ideally suitable for paramotoring. Hybrid-Risers, which can also be used for flight without the motor, are recommended.

Technical data

EPSILON 8 with Hybrid-Risers




Takeoff weight paramotor (kg) 70-140 80-150 95-150
Length of risers (upper hang point) (cm) 43 44.5 46
Length of risers (lower hang point) (cm) 50 51.5 53
Trimmer travel (LTF 23-05) (cm) 7 8 9
Certification DGAC DGAC DGAC


Standard colours: Aubergine, Lime, Orange, Pacific.

Custom colours: Choose your custom colours on the Advance website and then email us these to us with your order. There is an extra cost for custom colour orders, with full payment is required in advance, and these cannot be cancelled. Expected delivery time is 6-10 weeks, but could take longer.


The Hybrid-Risers are fitted with two different hang points, so that the best match of harness and motor system can be achieved without having to change the brake line length.

The Hybrid-Risers are fitted with trimmers. These can be used for both counteracting the turning effect of the motor and adjusting the flying speed. For flight without a motor the trimmers must be disabled by hooking them into the main carabiners. The wing then keep its paraglider certification.


Provided that it is equipped with the appropriate Hybrid-Risers, the EPSILON 8 has EN / LTF certification as a paraglider. Sizes 25 to 29 have DGAC certification for motor flying. Relevant certified weight ranges are shown in the adjoining table.

Advance Speed System

Advance now only supply speed systems with their harnesses (with some exceptions) and not their wings. Check out our speed systems here.


EN Test Reports

DGAC Test Reports

Advance EPSILON 8 paraglider reviews

"The Epsilon 8 is a recreational 'mid' EN B wing, intended for pilots with a year or more of flying experience but who still want security and simplicity in their flying."

- Greg Hamerton, Flybubble (full review here)

Read our written review of the Advance EPSILON 8 here and see our accompanying video below:

Other EPSILON 8 reviews

"All in all the EPSILON 8 not only looks wonderful, but is a thoroughly finished product that achieves a great improvement on its predecessor", praises Franz Altmann. The editor-in-chief of Thermik magasine is very taken with the handling, as he writes in the May edition. "The EPSILON 8 is agile, without being snappy." As well as that it is very intuitive to fly, and would even make a very useful wing for the experienced pilot. "From talented beginners to leisure pilots, for local flyers, thermal hounds and fun flyers and just as suitable for beginners as experienced cross country pilots, the value lies in the highest possible feelgood factor." "Despite the good “sensitivity” of the wing everything points to a generally mild extreme flight behaviour; perfectly suited to the Basic Intermediate segment." About exiting the spiral dive he writes: "The EPSILON 8 both slows up by itself and reduces its bank angle in a remarkably progressive manner. It gives the pilot the impression that it makes its own comfortable "recovery" almost without his assistance. This is how it should be," he says to all other manufacturers! "The Epsilon 8 is a wonderful wing! It is simple and intuitive to fly, circles as if by itself and, despite a lot of pitch damping is very manoeuvrable – this makes it really fun."

- Franz Altmann, Thermik Magazin (download the full review as PDF in German here)

But it’s not only the handling that impressed the testers. In Parapente Mag Nr. 165 journalist and test pilot Cédric Nieddu declares that the EPSILON 8 delivers excellent performance for a leisure cross country wing and he went on to confirm its high degree of passive safety. His summing up ended: "This eighth generation of the EPSILON line turns out to be even more simple to use and presents more flyable performance than ever before." "The EPSILON 8 is yet more proof of the quality of ADVANCE products."

- Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag (full report in the French Parapente Mag N°165)

More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Other Certification DGAC
Model Status Past model